On this page, you will find Vietnam motorbike tours itineraries by Offroad Vietnam® that customers completed. The name is the tour code and if you want to do the same itinerary please include this in your request. Currently, some are old or outdated but most are still very good. The names of places may change and actual distance (in km) can be shorter or longer due to new roads. The guide will be the boss of a tour and he will discuss with you which road to take, based on road and weather conditions at the time.

Most of these motorbike tours were designed for both experienced and non-experienced riders. The best motorbikes for these trips are dirt bikes or off-road motorcycles from 125cc to 250cc. We suggest having people with similar riding skills in each group so nobody holds the other riders back.

To have some idea about Vietnam motorbike tours my company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.



If time allows (around two weeks), Offroad Vietnam invites motorbike riders to take this trip and ride Northern Vietnam in a big loop. You ride close to the border between Vietnam and Laos and Vietnam and China. Slowly, you cruise from the low land of Red River delta, head up the mountain range and finally ride on the high mountain roads for many days before coming back to Hanoi.

The experience you get is special and unique. In addition, the landscape is so beautiful and wild. Moreover, hill tribal people are honest, friendly, and easygoing. All in all, you get a real insight into Vietnam!

03 days: BN301
04 days: BN401 | BN402 | BN403
05 days: BN501
06 days: BN601 | BN602 | BN603 | BN604 | BN605 | BN606 | BN607 | BN608
07 days: BN701 | BN702 | BN703 | BN704 | BN705
08 days: BN801 | BN802 | BN803 | BN804
09 days: BN901 | BN902 | BN903 | BN904
10 days: BN1001 | BN1002 | BN1003
11 days: BN1101
12 days: BN1201
13 days: BN1301 | BN1302
14 days: BN1401 | BN1402
15 days: BN1501
16 days: BN1601


Offroad Vietnam invites you to explore one of the best mountain roads in Central North Vietnam in a few days. Starting from Hanoi, leave the busy towns through country roads and then drop down into a valley in Mai Chau, up a plateau, and finally descending in the peaceful Red River delta. Out of the big cities, the roads are quiet. However, there is hidden danger from fast trucks and cars as well as animals. Ride slow and you will be safe. Take a rest whenever you want and wherever you need. All in all, a great motorcycle vacation in such a short time!

02 days: NC201 | NC202
03 days: NC301 | NC302 | NC303 | NC304 | NC305 | NC306 | NC307 | NC308 | NC309
04 days: NC401 | NC402 | NC403 | NC404 | NC405 | NC406 | NC407 | NC408 | NC409 | NC410
05 days: NC501 | NC502 | NC503 | NC504 | NC505 | NC506 | NC507 | NC508 | NC509
06 days: NC601 | NC602 | NC603 | NC604 | NC605 | NC606
07 days: NC701 | NC702 | NC703 | NC704
09 days: NC901 | NC902
10 days: NC1001


Northeast Vietnam used to be an important area during the war (with the French army). Currently, it’s changing fast and becomes a beautiful region, full of legends, colourful hill tribe groups, and also major trade points with China. In reality, the road is small, windy, and snakes in the mountains. No matter which end of the trip you start from. First is on flat easy road or highway, then head up a mountain range and ride the mountain roads a few days before you find the flat road back to Hanoi again.

03 days: NE301
04 days: NE401 | NE402 | NE403
05 days: NE501 | NE502 | NE503
06 days: NE601 | NE602 | NE603 | NE604 | NE605
07 days: NE701 | NE702 | NE703


In fact, Northeast Vietnam is a great destination. In addition, Halong Bay is a World Heritage site. Therefore, a combination of both places makes it an excellent adventure of your lifetime.

06 days: HLNE601
07 days: HLNE701
08 days: HLNE801 | HLNE802
09 days: HLNE901 | HLNE902 | HLNE903HLNE904
10 days: HLNE1001 | HLNE1002


Northwest Vietnam used to be a far and difficult part of Vietnam. In fact, it’s more famous for the war against the French Army in Dien Bien Phu. However, it now turns into a major tourist attraction that grabs attention from old to young people. Some travel there to see the former battlefield of Dien Bien Phu while more people choose to ride on a motorcycle tour to take in the breathtaking views and conquer the high mountain passes. More roads are being built, but there are still many areas that can only be accessible by motorbikes. You start from Hanoi, head up the mountains on the historical Highway 6 and snake up and down the rig zag mountain roads, meet colourful hill tribe groups, and visit their weekend markets.

03 days: NW301
04 days: NW401 | NW402
05 days: NW501
06 days: NW601 | NW602
07 days: NW701 | NW702 | NW703 | NW704 | NW705
08 days: NW801 | NW802 | NW803 | NW804
09 days: NW901 | NW902 | NW903 | NW904 | NW905
10 days: NW1001 | NW1002 | NW1003 | NW1004
11 days: NW1101 | NW1102 | NW1103

Vietnam motorbiek tour routes by Hanoi-based Offroad Vietnam Adventures.


In fact, North-west Vietnam is a wild area. In addition, Halong Bay is a World Heritage site. Therefore, a combination of both places makes it an extremely thrilling trip on two wheels.

06 days: NWHL601
11 days: NWHL1101
13 days: NWHL1301


In general, these short Vietnam motorbike tours itineraries are best if you don’t have many days for riding. Honestly, we choose the most exciting destinations close to Hanoi that offer a typical Vietnam. Despite the short duration, you still experience Vietnam in a way like no others.

01 day: HN101 | HN102 | NB101 | NB102 | TD101
02 days: NB201
03 days: NB301
04 days: NB401


In fact, Mai Chau and the surrounding areas offer some of the best motorbike tours in between 2 – 3 days time frame. In case you don’t want to repeat roads, ride three days. However, in two days you won’t find the roads boring due to the varied landscape and wonderful people on the way.

02 days: MC201BIKE | MC201CAR | TX201
03 days: MC301BIKE | MC301CAR | MC302BIKE


In fact, there are just busy (deadly) highways down there and back. However, many riders still want to discover this magnificent World Natural Heritage site in a special way. For standard travellers, we would recommend tours by bus. Riding down there and back requires good riding skills and also an extreme practice of safety.

02 days: HLCB201BIKE | HLCB201BUS | HLCB202BUS | HLCB203BUS
03 days: HLCB301BIKE | HLCB301BUS | HLCB302BIKE | HLCB302BUS


02 days: SP201


In fact, this is just a sample of the classic tour by motorbike. Given the fact that we don’t really offer classic tours, it still offers you an idea of how we can ride the standard route and connect with partners in necessary.

25 days: TRANSV2501

For the most typical Vietnam motorbike tours itineraries covering different areas, please follow this link.

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