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Ta Xua is located about 200km from Hanoi, about 15km away from Bac Yen District, Son La. It is the name of a high mountain and also the name of a commune of Mong people. The mountain is the natural border between the two provinces of Yen Bai and Son La. There are 3 mounts that form a majestic wonder as the spine of the prehistoric dinosaur. To ride on a Ta Xua motorbike tour, you have a few options of the roads, it can be easy or challenging, short or long as your riding skills fit in.

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The road to Ta Xua was opened in 2011, but until now, this secondary road is still in a bad condition. Surrounding Ta Xua are high mountains, which create a massive view that seems to disappear into space.

Best time to ride?

December to March: Usually very cloudy. You should go at this time to be able to admire the most beautiful sea of ​​clouds.

January & February: Cherry blossom season. When spring comes, cherry blossoms bloom along the provincial road, beside the wooden houses of the ethnic people here. The life of the H’mong ethnic minority in these festival months also attracts many tourists and photographers.

May & June: Rainfall season: The Northwest is famous for the beauty of terraced fields during the pouring season. And, of course, Ta Xua is also not an exception. With the mountains and the people living in the height, terraced fields are indispensable beauty here.

Below is a video clip that has some portions of a Ta Xua motorbike tour in 2 days. In case you want to watch more videos please check our YouTube channel.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Yen. ~210 km, ~5 h.

We start after 9am from our office in the Old Quarter of Hanoi on the road along the Red River via Son Tay to avoid heavy traffic in the inner city. There is a possibility to ride through the farming areas near Son Tay if your riding skills are good, at least from the intermediate level.

Once out of the Red River Delta, which brims with traditional farming activity, we pass through the wonderful limestone monoliths and into foothills to Phu Yen where we stop for lunch. Then we ride up a mountain road to Bac Yen and stay in a hotel.

Bac Yen is the main town of Bac Yen district, just at the junction where you either head to Nghia Lo or Son La. It’s also the place where you challenge the tracks in the height to Ta Xua dinosaur spine tomorrow. Below is a photo we took at dawn at the end of the track in Ta Xua.

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Day 2: Bac Yen – Ta Xua – Hanoi. ~250/~300km, ~5/~7 h.

After a night stay in Bac Yen, we plan to wake up early the next day and head to Ta Xua. In reality, there are two roads, one secondary road, and one dirt track that we can tailor based on your riding skills and the weather condition.

Option 1. The dirt track to Phu Yen.

If the weather is good and dry, we can challenge the tracks as you see in the video above, and ride all the way to Phu Yen. This ride is about 50km and there are some real off-road parts. However, these parts are not possible if it’s wet or rainy because they are super slippery and there are possible landslides. Dirt bike lovers enjoy riding this route because it’s much more fun.

From Phu Yen, it’s about 4 hours ride back to Hanoi via the mountain road and then along the rider. Despite the long ride, we would return before the rush hour in Hanoi.

Option 2. The secondary road back to Bac Yen.

In case the weather is not really good and wet, it’s advisable to take this secondary road from Bac Yen to Ta Xua Spine and back to Bac Yen. It’s still possible to include some off-road parts if you are game. In fact, most inexperienced would take this road for safety reasons.

From Bac Yen, we ride back to Hanoi on the same road we followed on the first day.

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