Tour codes provide an easy way to make a booking after you find the itinerary good.

For the purposes of this web site, off-road vehicle (ORV) includes motorcycles, motorbikes, moped scooters, mountain bikes, bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, swamp buggies, dune buggies, airboats, snowmobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles when used off-road and any other vehicle designed for and/or capable of off-road travel. All-terrain vehicles are a subset of ORVs.

In Vietnam, most ORVs are “street legal,” and thus can be driven on public roads or highways. Vehicles built for off-road travel are just that.

Off-highway vehicle: “Any motor vehicle designed for or capable of cross-country travel on or immediately over land, water, sand, snow, ice, marsh, swampland, or another natural terrain.”

“Off-highway vehicle” can mean an ATV, a dirt bike, rock crawler, gas-powered scooter, dune or swamp buggy, or any motor vehicle not designed primarily for highway use. These were formerly defined as “off-road vehicles”.

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Tour code of Vietnam motorbike tours and other adventures

List & Booking Tour Codes

Motorcycle Tour Codes

northwest ride (10 days): OV01
northeast ride (7 days): OV02
north-centre ride (5 days): OV03
ha giang scenic ride (8-11 days): OV49
big north ride (16 days): OV43
ho chi minh trail ride (9-16 days): OV04, OV41, OV42, OV45
coastal and dalat motorcycling (5 days): VMT01
mekong delta motorcycling (7 days): VMT02
women motorcycle tours (?? days): OV44
day ride (1 day): OV05
custom ride: OV06

Bicycle Rides

cycling in cat tien park (2-3 days): SBL15B, SBL15C
mountain scenery (12 days): CV1
hill tribes explore (8 days): CV2
the beauty of karst valley (6 days): CV3
the big loop of vietnam (14 days): CV4
coastal scenery (15 days): CV5
the mighty mekong (1,2,3,4,7 days): CV6, CV7, SBL8, SBL10, SBL11, SBL12A, SBL12B
cycling ho chi minh trail (9-10 days): CV8, CV9
cycling around hanoi (1 day): OV07

Jeep 4×4 Tours

northwest loop (6-8 days): OV08
middle road (5-7 days): OV09
northeast loop (4 days): OV10
big north loop (14 days): OV11
central highlands (8 days): OV12

Custom Tours

custom: OV06

Train Tours

tours by train: OV13

Trans-Vietnam Tours

authentic vietnam (16 days): OV14
grand tour (18 days): OV15

Trekking Tours

northeast trek (7 days): OV46
bac ha trekking (3 days): OV16
fansipan trekking (4 days): OV17
around sapa trekking (2-4 days): OV18, OV19, OV20
national park trekking (2 days): OV21, OV22

Cruising & Kayaking Tours

kayaking (2-4 days): OV23, OV24, OV47
cruising (2-3 days): OV40, OV25, OV26

Classic Group Tour Codes

day tours: OV27, OV28, OV29, OV30, OV31
2 days: OV32, OV33, OV34, OV35
3 days: OV36, OV37

Special Events & Offerings

vietnamese tet: OV38
khau vai love market: OV39
hung king temple festival: OV48

Have any questions or suggestions about our tour codes? Feel free to contact us in case you need more details.

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