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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Tour Codes Of Offroad Vietnam



Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Tour Codes Of Offroad Vietnam: Offroad definition. Bike, Trek, KayakTour codes provide an easy way to make a booking after you find the itinerary good.

For the purposes of this web site, off-road vehicle (ORV) includes motorcycles, motorbikes, moped scooters, mountain bikes, bicycles, all-terrain vehicles, swamp buggies, dune buggies, air boats, snowmobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles when used off-road and any other vehicle designed for and/or capable of off-road travel. All-terrain vehicles are a subset of ORVs.

In Vietnam, most ORVs are “street legal,” and thus can be driven on public roads or highways. Vehicles built for off-road travel are just that.

Off-highway vehicle: “Any motor vehicle designed for or capable of cross-country travel on or immediately over land, water, sand, snow, ice, marsh, swampland, or another natural terrain.”

“Off-highway vehicle” can mean an ATV, a dirt bike, rock crawler, gas-powered scooter, dune or swamp buggy, or any motor vehicle not designed primarily for highway use. These were formerly defined as “off-road vehicles”.

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List & Booking Tour Codes

Motorcycle Tours

northwest ride (10 days): OV01
northeast ride (7 days): OV02
north-centre ride (5 days): OV03
ha giang scenic ride (8-11 days): OV49
big north ride (16 days): OV43
ho chi minh trail ride (9-16 days): OV04, OV41, OV42, OV45
coastal and dalat motorcycling (5 days): VMT01
mekong delta motorcycling (7 days): VMT02
women motorcycle tours (?? days): OV44
day ride (1 day): OV05
custom ride: OV06

Bicycle Rides

cycling in cat tien park (2-3 days): SBL15B, SBL15C
mountain scenery (12 days): CV1
hill tribes explore (8 days): CV2
the beauty of karst valley (6 days): CV3
the big loop of vietnam (14 days): CV4
coastal scenery (15 days): CV5
the mighty mekong (1,2,3,4,7 days): CV6, CV7, SBL8, SBL10, SBL11, SBL12A, SBL12B
cycling ho chi minh trail (9-10 days): CV8, CV9
cycling around hanoi (1 day): OV07

Jeep 4×4 Tours

northwest loop (6-8 days): OV08
middle road (5-7 days): OV09
northeast loop (4 days): OV10
big north loop (14 days): OV11
central highlands (8 days): OV12

Custom Tours

custom: OV06

Train Tours

– tours by train: OV13

Trans-Vietnam Tours

authentic vietnam (16 days): OV14
grand tour (18 days): OV15

Trekking Tours

northeast trek (7 days): OV46
bac ha trekking (3 days): OV16
fansipan trekking (4 days): OV17
around sapa trekking (2-4 days): OV18, OV19, OV20
national park trekking (2 days): OV21, OV22

Cruising & Kayaking Tours

kayaking (2-4 days): OV23, OV24, OV47
cruising (2-3 days): OV40, OV25, OV26

Classic Group Tours

day tours: OV27, OV28, OV29, OV30, OV31
2 days: OV32, OV33, OV34, OV35
3 days: OV36, OV37

Special Events & Offerings

vietnamese tet: OV38
khau vai love market: OV39
hung king temple festival: OV48

Have any questions or suggestion about our tour codes? Feel free to contact us in case you need more details.

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  1. Carlos Reinoso Reply

    I have learned and read you web page as I am looking for a bike tour 4 or 5 days around Sapa…. but open to suggestions.
    We are a family of 3 adults with some bike riding experience (medium). We are looking for a sightseeing tour not a extreme riding experience. 125cc bikes will be perfect. In principle favoring a guided tour.
    We could leave from Hanoi either on 10 or 11 August and have to be back in Hanoi very early on 15 August.
    We have read that maybe a good idea to go to Lao Caí by train… but your are the experts and will listen to you. In addition we would like to have some time for walks in the Sapa area. We love remote unspoiled places and get in contact with local people.
    Can you please send me a proposal on tour and quotation?
    Thank you in advance and look forward to organize our bike tour with you.

    Carlos Reinoso

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Carlos. Please check your email for a detailed reply. Thanks.

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