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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi


Note About Used Motorbikes For Sale In Vietnam

Offroad Vietnam offers used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi. Unfortunately, we don’t offer a buyback option. Only Japanese Honda motorcycles are used for self-guided, semi-guided and guided motorbike tours in Vietnam. There is no other brands or Chinese copy cats. We only sell old bikes to upgrade to a bigger or newer fleet.

99% of tourists who came to Vietnam and bought motorbikes made the same (wrong) decision. They were lied by the name “Honda Win” while in fact, it’s a Chinese copy of this bike. The sellers are liars. Vietnam has many better choices but costs much more (1,000 – 5,000$US range) than Chinese shitty bikes. In reality, many tourists complained about bikes they bought in Vietnam but it’s their fault because they didn’t want to spend from 1,000$US, most just wanted to buy 200-500$US so they don’t have real bikes.

Please don’t send an email or call us offering to sell your Chinese Win 100-110’s or Belorussian Minsks because we don’t like these bikes The smallest of our manual clutch bikes is 125cc Honda CGL, nothing smaller than that. Also note that there is a very big difference in prices (usually about 30%) between 100/110cc and 125cc, 125cc and 150cc and 150cc and 250cc. If you expect the value for money like bikes in your home country then sadly this doesn’t work in Vietnam due to taxes of imported bikes (100 – 125%).

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Used Motorbikes For Sale In Hanoi: touring motorcycles, off-road motorbikes, scooters and other items from Offroad Vietnam

Our Bikes For Sale And Why Not Buy A Chinese Win?

Our bike fleet is regularly upgraded and rebuilt to make sure that our customers have the best choice of bikes available in Hanoi, Vietnam. Below are bikes – still quality beyond Vietnamese standards and we did all the repair jobs ourselves – that we sell to import better ones. All come with two months engine guarantee.

There are cheaper bikes at Dich Vong second-hand markets in Hanoi but the sellers are well-known for replacing Chinese generic parts which will result in poor performance after just a few days of purchase. Many bikes for sale on the street are Chinese copycats of the famous Japanese Honda Win or Taiwanese SYM (San Yang Motors) Bonus. They may say Honda Bonus or Honda Win (most tourists – about 99% – buy this type of bike but we don’t recommend or use it) but check the registration paper if Honda is printed on it. We sell only genuine Japanese Honda motorbikes/motorcycles. For more details and experience with a Chinese Win, follow this link.

If you buy cheap, you likely buy more than once.

Why Buy Our Used Motorbikes?

You will not only benefit from good maintenance and care from some of the best mechanics in Hanoi but also have a discounted price when you repair the bike at our garage. The garage is open every day from 8.30am till 7pm. In addition, provide technical assistance over the phone if you have any problem on the road. You won’t waste time to communicate with us as we speak very good English which saves you in the long run. In general, we are with you on your adventure. Forget the buses, trains and boring daily life, get a bike and explore Vietnam on two wheels.

Photos of the used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi below are real bikes that we sell and were taken very recently. We don’t use photos from the Internet or someone’s photo which is really popular in Vietnam. Copyright is a headache over here. You can view the bikes between 9am and 12pm and then 2pm to 5pm from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday and don’t visit our shop during lunch time (12pm – 2pm). An appointment is needed because selling bikes is our lowest priority.

Some people who bought our motorbikes sent us their reviews and we’d like to share with you here. Take their words, don’t take ours!

List Of Used Motorbikes Currently  Available For Sale In Hanoi

Here is a list of our own used motorbikes currently available for sale in Hanoi, please click on the link for more details. Touring manual clutch motorbikes are a bit difficult to find, but if you want a semi-automatic or fully automatic scooter we can help. With a network of friends who deal with used motorbikes for sale in Hanoi, we can find something for you. Note that we, in no way, offer or provide Chinese copycats.

– 2012 – 2014 Honda Wave RS/RSX110 110cc semi-automatic scooters (Available)

List Of Used Motorbikes We Already Sold In Hanoi

Below are our used motorbikes that we have sold in Hanoi since 2007, please click on the link for more details.

Honda Off-Road Motorbikes

– 2006 Honda XR250L 250cc manual dual enduro (Sold, not available)
– 2013 Honda XR125/150 150cc manual dirt bike (Sold, not available)
1998 XR250 Baja dual sport enduro (Sold, not available)
2012 NC700X sport adventure touring (Sold, not available)
2013 XR125L 125cc dirt bike (Sold, not available)
XL125 light trail bike 125cc electric start (Sold, not available)
SL230 2002 dirt bike. Manual clutch, six gears (Sold, not available)
Scrambled dirt bike 250cc (Sold, not available)
XR250 4-stroke 250 (Sold, not available)
Degree XL250 4-stroke 250 (Sold, not available)
XR250 Baja dirt bike (Sold, not available)

Honda Touring Motorcycles

– 2014 Honda CGL125 125cc touring motorcycles (Sold, not available)
– 2016 – 2017 Honda Winner 150cc fully manual scooters (Sold, not available)
GL160 1998 road bikes. Manual clutch, five gears (Sold, not available)
CM Master 150cc 2009 cruiser. Manual clutch, five gears (Sold, not available)
GL Pro 4-stroke 160 (Sold, not available)
GB250 Clubman 4-stroke 250 (Sold, not available)
Win 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
GL 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
GL 4-stroke Pro 150 (Sold, not available)
FTR 4-stroke 250 (Sold, not available)
Phantom 4-stroke 200 Fire Edition (Sold, not available)

Honda Semi-Automatic Scooters

– 2013 – 2015 Honda Wave/Blade/Dream 110cc semi-automatic scooters (Sold, not available)
2006 Wave ZX 100cc semi-automatic stylish scooter (Sold, not available)
2009 Wave RS110 model semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
2008 Wave Repsol RSV semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Wave RS110 2009 model semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Future Neo 125cc semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Wave Repsol RSV semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
2011 Wave RS 110cc semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Wave RSX 100cc semi-automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Supra 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
Wave RSX moped scooter (Sold, not available)
Wave Alpha 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
Future II 4-stroke 125 (Sold, not available)
Wave 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
2005 Wave Alpha 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)
Wave RS 4-stroke 100 (Sold, not available)

Honda Fully-Automatic Scooters

LEAD110 step-through automatic scooter 110cc (Sold, not available)
Wave RSX AT FI 2010 fully automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Maxi scooter SHi 125cc imported from Italy, near new (Sold, not available)
PS 150i 2008 fully automatic, full-size scooter (Sold, not available)
Fuma Euro 3 125cc fully automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
SH 125i 2010 fully automatic, full-size scooter (Sold, not available)
@ Stream scooter 4-stroke 125 (Sold, not available)
@ Stream 125 automatic scooter (Sold, not available)
Honda @125 full-size scooter (Sold, not available)
Crea Scoopy 4-stroke 50 (Sold, not available)

Other Brands

Yamaha Nouvo LX135 fully automatic, Limited Edition (Sold, not available)
SYM Attila 4-stroke 125 (Sold, not available)
SYM Angel Hi 4-stroke 90 (Sold, not available)
Jialing Honda 4-stroke trail bike XL 125 (Sold, not available)
Suzuki Shogun 4-stroke 110 (Sold, not available)
Minsk 2-stroke 125 (Sold, not available)
Yamaha FZR 4-stroke 400 (Sold, not available)
Yamaha Nouvo 4-stroke 115 (Sold, not available)

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  1. Sue Reply

    Interested in your Honda CGL125 for sale. Is it still available? My number is +84373945131.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Sue. Sadly, both of this bike was bought by a Swiss couple last week and they might sell back to us after four months. However, they may buy them (fully paid us). Therefore, we don’t have any in at least four months. Alternatively, you can purchase this newer and bigger 2014 Honda CBF150 (RR150) for 1,700$US with lower mileage.

  2. Simon Spriet Reply

    Hi Anh Vu,
    I would need to buy a used motorbike. I have never ridden before a motorbike (used to ride a mountain bike).
    I am 1m96cm and will intend to share this bike with a person with a height less than 1m50cm (she has no experience either on motorbike driving). The usage will be either both on the same motorbike or use it separately. Based on your available fleet, what type of motorbike would you recommend ?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Simon,

      It’s a HUGE difference so it’s very hard to recommend. Go to a Honda shop and have a look. Honda semi-automatic scooters or Honda Vision suit you better. We currently have no used bike for sale for your need. Note that Vietnamese traffic is very dangerous and having no experience is a very bad thing. Get some sort of lesson before you jump on the bike. Good luck.

  3. Simon Hill Reply

    Please let me know when your XR250Ls are available in May. I definitely want one. Please send details of each with kilometres etc. Thank you. I live part-time in Hanoi.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Simon. We actually have all Honda XR250L’s available now. However, we can only sell two of them now and two only after May 15th. If you want to have a look we can meet from this Wednesday. Please set up an appointment because we are very busy this week. Note that this is not an urgent sale and we are not a used bike dealer. We sell them because we upgraded to a newer fleet. The km is hard to tell but must be between 50,000km to 80,000km. We work on these bikes ourselves and keep them in good working conditions. You need to check the bikes, don’t just looked at the photos or imagined how they will be.

  4. Campbell McCurrach Reply

    Hi there,

    Myself and my girlfriend are in Hanoi and looking to buy two used Honda 250cc dual sport/enduro bikes to travel down to Ho Chi Minh City. Do you have anything available at the moment for sale?


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Campbell. Vietnam charges 120% taxes for this type of imported bike and a new 250cc dirt bike goes for around 9,000$US. If you want used Honda XR250’s (year 2003) expect to pay between 3,000 – 3,500$US each bike depending on conditions. Does this work for you?

    • Morten Reply

      Hi Campbell,

      Maybe you found one already, but I have a Honda 250cc trail bike for sale. 60.000 km and from 2006. Great a strong bike. Took me and my wife to many great trips. 1,200 USD.


  5. Fred Pilkington Reply

    Hi, I am looking for a 250-750cc bike for 2 people to drive to Kuala Lumpur from Hanoi. It would be great if the bike had luggage racks pre-installed. Do you have any bikes that fit?
    Many thanks.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Fred. Sadly, we don’t rent bikes one-way and currently have no bikes over 250cc for sale. A standard touring motorbike for two people is from 650cc and this is very expensive in Vietnam due to 120% taxes. FYI, I just bought a new 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650cc for my personal use and the cost is 14,000$US!!! That’s way too much for business.

    • mike Reply

      Do you have any 250cc dirt bikes for sale? I see all the ones advertised are sold! Thanks

      • Anh Wu Reply

        Dear Mike. Sadly, no 250cc is for sale at the moment. We are not a used bike dealer, just sell what we don’t need, after an upgrade. Next year we may have the newer XR250 for sale at around 3,000$US each bike. Stay tuned.

  6. Phillip Cantrell Reply

    I see many bikes in here that are already sold.
    Only one for sale, and it’s 20 years old.
    Please clean up the website and add new models for sale.
    There’s people wanting to buy from your company, but you have nothing to sell.
    Just my thoughts,
    I would buy a newer bike but not a 20 year old one.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Phil. We are not an used bike dealer, just sell what we don’t need. I understand tourists want newer bikes. However, they don’t want to stretch budget. Vietnam charges 120% taxes for imported touring bikes so a new 150cc is 3,000$US and a new 250cc is 10,000$US, a bike of under 3 years old would cost 80% of new price. Would you be ready to pay these prices? So don’t complain about bike prices or age. Be realistic please. In reality, 99% of tourists expect to spend merely 200 – 700$US (used – new bikes). Therefore, we have no choice.


      I agree with Phil!
      Please update your site or l’ll look elsewhere.

      • Anh Wu Reply

        Hello Vincent. As we said we are not a used motorbike dealer. We only sell bikes we don’t need after upgrading to newer fleets. Honestly, most buyers expected to pay around 300-500$US for a GOOD touring bike. Sadly, it doesn’t work because Vietnam charges a lot of tax (120%) on imported touring bikes. 99% of tourists bought a cheap Chinese Win 110-125cc and had lots of issue on the road. You get what you pay for. Please shop around and find your options.

  7. Mike Stone Reply

    I am looking to buy a Honda Lead or a similar bike that has large storage (to carry a backpack with a small laptop and some books), fully automatic, scooter-style. I am in Dong Da.
    Do you have any bikes like that for sale?
    Mike Stone
    0166 3438027

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Mike. I have a used 2013 Honda Lead brown/black color as at this link for sale next week. It’s in my wife’s name. The price is 1,455$US or 33 million Dongs. This scooter has a large storage under the seat of 37 litres. You can buy a brand new scooter for 42 million Dongs (taxes and registration included).

  8. Sobi Reply

    Hi I am looking for a second hand scooter with similar designs to a Honda Fuma or Stream. Are there any available for a budget of about USD500?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Sobi. These scooter models were too old and outdated. They will be in bad conditions and the money you have to spend to upgrade will be too much. Stretch your budget and buy a newer model (fuel injection is better). An used 110cc Honda Lead goes from 1,200$US for 2012 model and they are excellent. Sadly, we have no automatic scooter available for sale now.

      • Sobi Reply

        Thanks for your reply. I would consider stretching my budget, will continue to look out for any offers here. Would there any be up for sale in the coming months?

        • Anh Wu Reply

          Sorry no. Our oldest scooter now is Honda Lead 2013/14 model, 125cc and if one is available it costs no less than 1,550$US. You’d better look at other places because we don’t use scooters older than three years old.

  9. ahmad heri Reply

    Dear friend. l’d Love to have classic Honda which produced around 1960-1970 recommended 200cc up. Plrase let me know how to buy by email and send to my country Indonesia. It could be send art by part…cb 200 or 750 if u have. Thx

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Ahmad Heri. Unfortunately we are not an use bike dealer, we only sell bikes that we don’t need to upgrade to fleets. Sadly, we can’t help this time.

  10. Grace Reply

    My husband and I are looking to purchase two 125cc Hondas for our trip from Hanoi to HCM. We arrive October 1st of this year. What do you have available, and for what prices? Thank you.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Grace. Unfortunately, we have no bike for sale now. You could see the updated list in the top of this page. We don’t trade bikes, just sell our own old bikes to upgrade to newer or better fleet. Good luck with your research.

  11. Rob Reply

    Chao Anh,

    I’m looking for a large scrambler/dirt bike or a trials bike (stunt bike). Do you have anything available?
    Currently located in Hue but have a trusted friend that can go check out the bike and sort the money.

    Many thanks,

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Rob. We never use trial bikes and have no manual bike for sale at the moment. Only used scooters are available but that’s not what you need, right?

  12. Jimmy P Reply

    I {we] intend to ride the length of Vietnam in April 2015, I have 30 years of riding English and Japanese bikes, we would like to know where /and approx price range of 150-250cc 4 pre-used Honda bikes, expolice bikes are our style.

    When tour is over we will see what price we can get for them wherever our desination takes us. You also said you had other used dealer contacts, these contacts perhaps could help us.

    Thanks. Jimmy P.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Jimmy. Our touring bike fleet upgrade was completed and we have no manual bike for sale at the moment. Used dealer shops only have scooters. New manual bikes in Vietnam cost from around 2,300$US (Suzuki 150cc) or 3,500$US (Yamaha FZ-1 150cc). Honda have not made any manual bike in Vietnam yet. I am afraid at this point we are not able to help with an used motorbike in Hanoi.

  13. Tom Fox Reply

    Hi, I and two friends are planning to travel fly into Hanoi on June 6th and purchase 3 bikes that we will ride to Ho Chi Minh. We are looking for small engines (125 cc), in a price range up to 400$ US, would you have any available bikes matching that? Also, none of us has much experience on a motorcycle and we are worried it may be too difficult and dangerous to learn to ride in a large city like Hanoi. Would you be able to offer us instruction on how to ride, and do you think we would be able to navigate Hanoi?

    Thanks for your help!

    Tom Fox

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Tom. With that price range you could only get very old semi-automatic Honda Future 125cc scooter or manual 125cc bikes like SYM Bonus, Hyosung or Daelim VS. A decent 125cc bike costs much more than that, at least two times due to taxes imposed on bikes in Vietnam. We don’t deal with used bike sales, just sell bikes that we no longer use. Unfortunately, we have no 125cc bike for sale at the moment. In addition, we only use one brand (Honda) so have no bikes of other brands to recommend. Good luck with your research.

  14. Aron Heynen Reply

    Sorry it’s me again.

    Is it also possible to rent two bikes for 20 days and drop them off in Saigon?

    best regards

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Aron,

      I am afraid we are based in Hanoi only and no one-way rental is available. For license and more other details please check at FAQ page. Please log on and read this page.

      Anh Wu.

  15. Aron Heynen Reply

    Hi again!

    We need two bikes.

    Whats about the Vietnamese driving license? Is this necessary or is our Swiss driving license enough?

    Thank you!

    Cheers Aron

  16. Aron Heynen Reply

    Hi there!

    I’m looking for a used bike for traveling from Hanoi to Saigon. We are two guys and we have no big requirements.

    How we can get a Vietnamese number plate? Can we buy it with the motorcycle?

    Best regards

    Aron Heynen

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Aron Heynen,

      Will you ride two up on a bike?

      We suggest the GL160. It’s a good used motorbike, comes with papers and a number plate. However, bags can be a problem.

      Anh Wu.

  17. Terry Cutler Reply

    Hi I am looking for a dirt bike to buy I would like a 250cc Honda or up to 400 cc late model or new possible!!!! I live in Saigon but am willing to travel any ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anh Wu Reply

      There is no new Honda XR model any more. It was replaced by Honda CRF and the cost for a brand new bike with papers is around 14,000$US. You could buy this bike in Saigon Motors. Good luck.

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