Day trip, ~ 120 km to traditional villages in one day by bike.

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A combination of the two villages below offers a lot to see in one day. In general, you take in the small country roads, busy pace of life, and learn how people earn a living. Despite all the hard works, people tend to be very happy and friendly. You actually can give a helping hand while you visit these villages. In return, you will know some basic skills to hand-make these products like a Vietnamese.

Bat Trang (15 km South-east Of Hanoi) – One Of The Best Traditional Villages In One Day By Bike.

In fact, Bat Trang is famous for Vietnam’s top ceramics and pottery products. In particular, the craft started in the late 14th century with the techniques imported from China. Artisans create super ceramic vases and other masterpieces in their coal or gas kilns, such a hot sweaty work!

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Dong Ky (18 km Northeast Of Hanoi)

– A glory past: Previously, Dong Ky was famous as Vietnam’s top firecracker village until 1995 when the government banned firecrackers. Every year, they held a competition for the loudest firecracker. In fact, injuries and lack of safety made the government take this action.

– A fast switch: Currently, it’s now one of the top traditional furniture inlaid with mother of pearl. They also custom-make hand-crafted furniture.

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