On this page, you will see used motorbike for sale reviews from our customers who have had real experience dealing with us. You can scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and send us your reviews.


Alternatively, you can log on TripAdvisor website and post your reviews for our business at this link. Use your Facebook or Google Plus account or just create a new account easily. In fact, they ask for reviews of tours within a year. However, you are still able to send reviews of your tours that started earlier by selecting the date any of the dropping down 12 months. Also, you don’t need to go into details of your tours or the number of days you rode with us, just general reviews. Please keep it short and clear, less than 10 sentences is best.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Used Motorbike For Sale Reviews

In reality, we don’t trade touring motorbikes (sell & buyback options). In general, our main business activities are off-road motorbike tours and rentals. The motorbikes we have for sale are our own bikes that we don’t need. The reason is the upgrade of our fleets to the newer, bigger, or better ones. It doesn’t mean that bikes for sale are not good. We service them and check carefully to make sure they last for your journey in Vietnam or even into other countries (more services needed on the roads).

Reviews From Our Customers

Mr. Guy Gillespie from Australia.
Ms. Flora Le from Canada.

To find out which of our current motorbikes/scooters is really the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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