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Offroad Vietnam Adventures – Vietnam Motorbike Tours & Scooter Rentals In Hanoi


Offroad Vietnam Adventures has been providing professional Vietnam motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi since late 2006. We only use Japanese Honda 125-250cc touring motorbikes like Honda CRF250L, XR125/150/250L, CGL125 and scooters like Winner 150cc, Wave/Blade 100-110cc, Super Dream/Cub 110cc, Vision 110cc, Lead & Air Blade 125cc scooters. Our business is in fact 100% Vietnamese owned and run, specializing in small group tours on two wheels and 4×4 only.

Offroad Vietnam Adventures offers Vietnam motorbike tours, Vietnam motorcycle adventures and scooter rentals in Hanoi. This photo was taken on a Ha Giang motorbike tour in early 2018.

When planning, many people think a Vietnam motorbike tour is easy to organize. This is not true if you want a safe outdoor adventure away from the tourist trails. There are so many things to prepare like bikes, riding gear, luggage and insurance etc. and other logistics. It’s not as simple as sitting in a car enjoying Vietnam over windows. It’s a game of coming back in one piece!

Honestly, Offroad Vietnam doesn’t offer the cheapest prices in Hanoi. We focus on safety, comfort, quality of services and customers’ experience and satisfaction. In reality, we don’t offer cheap backpacker standards or lower quality of services in exchange for a discounted price.

Below are three different options for Vietnam motorbike tours you could choose, guided or unguided.

Fully Guided Vietnam Motorbike Tours

For beginners, novice, intermediate and experienced riders. It’s not just a tour or an adventure, but a fascinating motorcycle journey! This is the most popular type of tours we have been providing.

We choose the best places to eat, comfy places to stay and good services wherever we ride. With us, you will be able to pick up the better services than when you are on your own. There is no point in saving some small cash in exchange for bad services!

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Semi-guided Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Basically, it’s bike(s) & a guide rental. Forget about bike fix, negotiation and navigation, just decide your own tempo. You have total flexibility to stop, eat and sleep wherever you want. You pay as you go. However, last minute deals can be cheaper (low season) or more expensive (high season).

From our experience, people tend to save when they pay to spend on the road. This is not worth it. We pay more than average and have fresh and delicious food (not chemically frozen!), comfortable places to stay and a great trip. You get what you pay for.

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Self-guided Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

This option of motorbike tour is best when you are looking for a new adventure away from the norm. However, you need to have good riding skills and are able to handle things on your own. If you have limited riding experience then this is not for you. Saving or losing money is on you. We provide reliable bikes, a tool kit, spare parts, expert advice, comments and tips for you.

From our experience, you experience Vietnam less than the two packages above. Some people even try to save money by using very cheap hotels and food. This makes the riding even harder after long riding hours.

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Guided or unguided?

Instead of a conclusion, we pass on one of our customers’ words: “If this is your first visit to Vietnam take a guide with you, the help you get is invaluable and chances are he’ll save you money when it comes to bartering when you go shopping as well as helping you to get to know the people. Vietnam is a different world, it’s a beautiful country filled with the happiest friendliest most helpful people I have ever come across but it’s different, different in a pleasant way and you’ll need help coping with that difference.”

A professional motorbike tour guide adds value to the whole experience, he’s 4-in-1: a guide, a handy mechanic, a leader and a translator. Without him, you won’t be able to find hidden roads and communicate with local people.


Offroad Vietnam is our trade name and trademark. It doesn’t mean that we only ride off-road. On our Vietnam motorbike tours, we ride on all types of roads, from sealed to secondary roads, tracks, trails, and footpaths. If you want more bumpy tracks, then head to Northern Vietnam.

Popular Vietnam motorbike tours could be from just 1 day to say, as long as 30 days and cater for different budgets and time you have. For your convenience and safety, we tailor make on or off-road tours based on your motorcycle riding skills.

One of Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours groups of bikers exploring Northern Vietnam on Honda XR250 dirt bikes.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Ha Giang & Northeast Vietnam in 8 days (Hanoi – Vu Linh – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Bao Lac – Cao Bang – Quang Uyen – Lang Son – Hanoi)

Ha Giang & Northeast Vietnam in 11 days (Hanoi – Nghia Lo – Than Uyen – Sapa – Bac Ha – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Bao Lac – Cao Bang – Quang Uyen – Lang Son – Hanoi)

Central North Vietnam in 5 days (Hanoi – Mai Chau or Moc Chau – Phu Yen – Vu Linh or Luc Yen – Hanoi)

Northeast Vietnam in 7 days (Hanoi – Vu Linh – Na Khan – Ba Be – Cao Bang – Quang Uyen – Lang Son or Mau Son – Hanoi)

Northwest Vietnam in 10 days (Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Yen – Son La – Tuan Giao – Lai Chau or Sin Ho – Sapa – Bac Ha or Luc Yen – Vu Linh – Hanoi)

Big Northern Vietnam Loop in 16 days (Hanoi – Mai Chau – Phu Yen – Son La – Tuan Giao – Than Uyen – Sapa – Bac Ha – Xin Man – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Bao Lac – Cao Bang – Quang Uyen – Lang Son – Hanoi)

Around Hanoi one day motorbiking (Tho Ha vermicelli village, Bat Trang ceramic village, Dong Ho traditional painting village, Van Phuc silk village, But Thap Pagoda, Dau Pagoda, Thay Pagoda, Tay Phuong Pagoda, Perfume Pagoda, Hoa Lu and Tam Coc, Hoa Binh and the forgotten Highway 6, Ba Vi and Dong Mo golf course, Duong Lam ancient village)

Tours For Women Only (Based on riding skills and expectations)

Customized Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Southern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

5 days motorcycling (Saigon – Cu Chi – Saigon – Ho Coc – Mui Ne – Da Lat – Saigon)

7 days Mekong Delta motorbike tour (Saigon – Cu Chi – Saigon – My Tho – Can Tho – Ben Tre – An Giang – Saigon)

12 days scooter tour (Saigon – Long Hai – Ho Tram – Long Hia – Mui Ne – Ninh Chu – Dalat – Nha Trang – Saigon)

Cross-Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road in 9 days (Hanoi – Phu Yen – Mai Chau – Tan Ky – Phong Nha – Dong Hoi – Khe Sanh – Hue – Hoi An)

Motorbiking Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road in 11 days (9 days – Quy Nhon – Nha Trang)

Motorcycling Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road in 13 days (9 days – Kon Tum – Buon Ma Thuot – Nha Trang)

Venturing Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road in 16 days (9 days – Kon Tum – Buon Ma Thuot – Nha Trang – Da Lat – Cat Tien – Saigon)

After many years of organizing Vietnam motorbike tours throughout the country, we designed a collection of motorbike tours. We know that not all riders have the same riding ability, so just contact us and together we will tailor make a trip that works for you.


If you love motorbiking and can handle things on your own, you have come to the right place. We care about you and all of our touring motorbikes come with quality handlebar guards which are not popular yet in Vietnam.

For long trips, we provide off-road motorbikes, motorcycles and riding gear. They are in good working conditions.

For commuting in and around Hanoi, most expats would consider hiring semi-automatic scooters and fully automatic scooters. The monthly rate is cheap and comes with limited mileage of 1,500km/month. These Honda scooters are new or nearnew (usually less than 20,000km odo and under 3 years old). However, they are not comfortable for long distance touring.

Road/Dual Sport Touring Motorbikes & Scooters

All small off-road motorbikes, road touring motorcycles and scooters (110-150cc) are 2013-2017 latest Japanese Honda models. We discontinued all older small motorbikes that many shops in Hanoi still use. These models are very reliable and in near new conditions.

Off-Road Motorbikes

All 250cc off-road dual enduro bikes are Japanese 2013-2017 Honda CRF250L, 2013-2015 XR125L, 2016-2017 Honda XR150L and the legendary Honda XR250L which were made between 2003 and 2005. All bikes are owned and carefully serviced by our team. They are among the best dirt bikes you can find in Hanoi.

Note: None of our bikes is ideal for riding two up because of the small and skinny seat. You need bigger bikes but due to 120% taxes, this is impossible at the moment.


Honda is by far the most popular brand, Vietnamese people refer Honda as motorbike by default. In reality, Honda is the most reliable brand on the road. You can simply look at the traffic stop lights and at least 70% of bikes are Honda.

There is a variety of makes and models, some date back to the 1960’s. Most of Hondas in Vietnam are step through mopeds or automatic scooters. Manual clutch bikes are hard to find and are usually in poor conditions. Road bikes come with low handlebars so if you are over 1.7m, you can get a number of aches and pains when riding for a few hours. Raised handlebars offer a solution but then the steering is not so good. Dirt/trail bikes are the best but they are very very hard to find and at a much higher cost.

Buying a Honda would be the safest bet because many mechanics have parts and knowledge of Honda bikes and it is not prone to break down. To see current bikes for sale from our company, please click here.

Ridiculously, the most popular bike used or bought by tourists to Vietnam is a Chinese copy of the Honda Win. The only thing that makes it popular is the cheap price. There is nothing about safety, performance or reliability from this bike. If you want to know more then check out this page. Note that we never use, offer, provide or recommend this kind of bike.


Many of our clients posted video clips of their Vietnam motorbike tours with us on the Internet. In fact, this is the best way to show you what our Vietnam motorbike tours look like. If you want more details please follow this link. Alternatively, you watch more Vietnam motorbike tours videos directly on our YouTube channel. Enjoy watching!

You come this far but still have specific questions about our Vietnam motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi, feel free to contact us for more details. Alternatively, drop by our office and have a chat or share your experiences with us or simply have a look at our daily repair works.

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