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Please note that Lao off-road motorcycle tours operated by our partner based in Luang Prabang, Tiger Trails Outdoor Adventures Laos

What we do in Laos and Indochina is the result of years of intense work, research, and investment. Our experience in tour planning and Outdoor Activities is unique in Laos and Indochina. We give customers and visitors an option to experience what we experienced from the beginning of our work and engagement in these countries.


provide eco-tourism tours in Laos;
offer a great range of outdoor activities in Laos and Indochina;
customized tour ideas and bring them into itineraries;
discover new and great Tour ideas do research and surveys;
create therapeutic outdoor adventures for young and older people;
help to preserve the surrounding nature, culture, and traditions;
give visitors a chance of real outdoor experience in a wonderful country;
serve with quality, experience, and when necessary with improvisation;
can show some of the best places in Laos and especially around Luang Phabang;
actually, create and plan and do NOT copy from others (as they do from us);
promise what we do is basically what you get – an unforgettable experience and memories from Laos.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Lao Off-road Motorcycle Tours, Vientiane, Pha That Luang.

Below is a day trip by classic Minsk that we offer.


Discover the world heritage town with your own classic Minsk motorbike(s) and take home a day filled with lasting memories. A touch of adventure laid-back villages, waterfalls, elephants and dancing dirt roads expect you on this day. We can also take you out for up to 10 days just ask!

Enjoy a day out of town and discover the natural beauty and hidden beauties with an original Russian Minsk motorbike.

Have a unique and sensational experience by riding out of town to visit small villages, you ride along the Nam Khan river. You will learn more about the Lao people by spending time with a village walk before you ride on to visit Lao biggest animals, Asian Elephants. Take the chance to see and touch them before you hang out in a beautiful spot with views of the lush countryside to have lunch.

The afternoon you spend with a tour on sealed and sand roads winding up hills. Areas where foreigners hardly ever got to. We show you some more interesting sights before arriving back at the magic Mekong.

Before it gets dark you may return to Luang Prabang to wash up dust and memorize your day on two wheels.

Lao Off-road Motorcycle Tours – Technical Data

Our machines are unique Russian Minsk bikes, imported from Russia and Vietnam. With 125cc they are the perfect partner for a soft and comfortable out-of-town ride. Bikes come with 4 gears and a two-stroke engine that even pulls two people up a hill. The attached bags take care of your daily luggage.

Contact us in case you need more details of itineraries and options of Lao Off-road Motorcycle Tours.

Below is the short video of our motorbike ride to Laos from Vietnam in May/June 2017 so you can have some idea of how Laos is. Please note we currently haven’t provided cross-border tours.


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