No Self-Guided 4×4 Tours

Unfortunately, Vietnamese laws don’t allow foreigners to drive Vietnamese registered cars with your home country licenses. In fact, only expatriates can drive diplomatic registered cars.

From 2016, if you have a 1968 Convention IDP, you can drive a car. However, nobody hires cars for foreigners yet so basically, it’s not possible.

The cost of a car is crazy here with so many taxes and the fine is quite high. Honestly, the traffic is crowded and it’s quite easy to violate the traffic rules one way or the other. This is the main reason why car owners don’t feel comfortable renting a car to tourists. It may change but not soon.

Therefore, you need to do guided Vietnam 4×4 tours or hire a car with a driver and we can assist.

Driver And Guide

The guide and driver are usually different people because one can’t do both works and no driver speaks good English enough to be a guide. However, for certain dates, we can find a driver who is also an English-speaking tour guide. One 4×4 car can accommodate a maximum of three travellers, the guide, and the driver.


In general, you can either just hire a car with a driver for around 200$US/day or book a guided trip and the cost depends on the size of the group. For example, when you are three people, a guided tour costs around 160$US/person/day. In general, travel by 4WD vehicle costs more due to the cost of car rental.

Honestly, we mostly provide adventures on two wheels but some people simply can’t ride. Therefore, they can pay for a 4×4 tour and even follow their friends who ride motorbikes.

Vietnam 4x4 Tours Of Vietnam. Vietnam 4x4 Tours Of Vietnam. 4x4 tour in Vietnam, Customize your trip by a pick up car

Typical Vietnam 4×4 Tours From Hanoi

Below are just a collection of off-road tours on off-road motor vehicles. Note that we can always design a tour per your requests, taking into account road and weather conditions and also your expectation.

Northwest loop (6-8 days)
Middle road (5-7 days)
Northeast loop (4 days)
Big north loop (14 days)
Central Highlands (8 days)

Vietnam 4×4 Tours video

Below is a video clip of one of our many Vietnam 4×4 tours. In case you want to watch more videos of our Vietnam motorbike tours please check our YouTube channel.


Contact us at [email protected] in case you need more details of itineraries and options of Vietnam 4×4 Tours Of Vietnam.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Vietnam 4x4 Tours Of Vietnam. 4x4 tour in Vietnam, Customize your trip

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