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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) MESSAGE: The situation in Vietnam is under good control. Our office is open and you can hire motorbikes or scooters from us. The booking for Vietnam motorbike tours is available and you can book now with good deals. You can change the dates (no extra charge) if flights are delayed. Thank you for your attention!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Customer Reviews


Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Customer Reviews. Reviews, comments on Offroad Vietnam tours and servicesHere are comments, reviews and trip reports from our customers about tours and services we provided. Most of the comments are about motorbike and motorcycle tours because these are what we specialize in. Many customers also posted their words in motorcycle forums. It’s not normal to read negative comments on a commercial site but we uploaded “as is” since nobody is perfect so why hide? We ourselves found it very very boring to read only positive comments – no motion to improve!

There are many companies who offer motorbike tours in Hanoi. However, just very few companies specialize in motorbike touring and Offroad Vietnam is one of the most professional and provide quality tours at reasonable prices.

If you used our services before and want to post your feedback, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave your comments. Please leave your name and how our potential riders could contact you for reference. A BIG “thank you” in advance!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Customer Reviews. Reviews, comments on Offroad Vietnam tours and services on TripAdvisorAlternatively, you can log on TripAdvisor website and post your reviews for our business at this link. Use your Facebook or Google Plus account or just create a new account easily. They only accept for reviews of tours within a year. However, you are still able to send reviews of your tours that started earlier by selecting date any of the dropping down 12 months. Also, you don’t need to go into details of your tours or number of days you rode with us, just general reviews. Please keep it short and clear, less than 10 sentences is best.

We have earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence continuously since 2016. This reflects the quality of our services and the excellent feedback from our custmers.

Reviews For Different Tours Our Customers Took With Us

Motorcycle & motorbike tours
Motorcycle & motorbike rentals
Used motorcycles & motorbikes for sale
4×4 adventures
Cruises & kayaking tours
Cycling rides

Some of our customers even went further a head and recommended us to travel guide books.

Some More Resources

Reference people (Very reliable source, they rode with us and offer honest advice)
Press, magazines & books (They can’t be wrong, reviews by professionals)
Blacklisted bad people (There are some bad guys and we don’t want them to cheat more)

If you want to join a guided motorbike or motorcycle tour in Vietnam, we suggest to check out one of the following adventures that we designed to see a real Vietnam off the tourist tracks.

Contact us at in case you need more details.

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