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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Blacklisted Customers


Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Caution, warning by Offroad VietnamBlacklisted customers posted on this page are our customers who did bad things or didn’t deliver their words. It’s a shame that they do this to people from a poor country like Vietnam.

We have been trying our best to build “trust” with our customers and you can read what they said here. In return, we also need honesty from our customers. Almost all of our customers are very trustworthy, kind and friendly except people in the following list who we would advise that people take caution when dealing with them. We reserve the right to block them from using our service(s) and refuse to answer their question(s).

We didn’t really want to create this list but when we thought about what they can do to other businesses, then we decided to let you know. This is normally not available on commercial sites but we want things clear. Reasons for being blacklisted are varied and explained below and we also offer a solution for each case.

We also remove people from this blacklisted page when the problems are solved.

Franz-Josef Schrudde (Germany)

Franz Josef Schrudde Autohandel
Venloer Str. 85
50259 Pulheim &
Tel: (0 22 38) 840 033
Fax: (0 22 38) 840 034
Cell: +491 728 004 885

This person and his 4 other friends (Dieter Althans, Stefan Laschinger, Martin Abelmann and Udo Kolanczyk) booked a ride with us in early April 2008. Franz had to cancel the ride three days before the ride due to the injury he had in Cambodia. They wanted to use our conditions but always tried to break the contract. In addition, they had a very bad attitude while they were riding, showing no respect to local people which in the long run will affect our relationship with the local communities.

Solution: Just a polite apology!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Allan Rogoyski, a bad guy from DHL Czech republicAllan Rogoyski (Czech Republic)

* Regional EU Project Manager at DHL
* Principle Project Manager at DHL IS Services (Europe) s.r.o.
* Global Solutions Manager at DHL IT Services Europe (current position)
DHL Czech
Tel: +420 732 813 047

This person and his 2 other friends booked a ride with us in early July 2009. We were kind enough not to require 300$US deposit as the booking was made with a short notice. They arrived in Hanoi on the 3rd of July and we have tried our best to contact him (phone, email) and he never showed up for the trip. As his post suggests he should be a sincere businessman but from our experience, he never delivers his words. Be careful when dealing with him.

Solution: Pay the agreed 300$US deposit for the reservation of the bikes and the guide.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Sundar Ritter, a bad boy from AustraliaOffroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Storm Gray, a bad guy from AustraliaStorm Gray & Sundar Ritter (Australia)

Address: Hippy Shack
Nimbin, NSW 2480
Facebook: and

This person (left) and his friend (Sundar Ritter, on the right) hired two Honda XL dirt bikes in March 2013. We did everything to support them to have a great trip, from changing a broken bike, talked with local people and helped with solving two accidents they had in just five days! We were kind enough not to keep their passports because they needed on the road. After returning to Hanoi, they agreed to pay replacements for broken parts plus a day extra bike rental.

They might run out of money but kept telling us that they would come back as they stayed in Hanoi for at least a month. We went to their hotel, met them but nothing happened. 89$US due balance is not much but these two boys were just so dishonest and disrespectful. We understand they were young but losing face is a big issue when they grow up. Be careful when dealing with him.

Solution: Pay the agreed 89$US due balance.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Nicholas Urban, a bad guy from Germany and now lives in ItalyNicholas Urban (Germany)

From Landshut, Germany. Currently lives in Bruneck, Italy.

This young man and his girlfriend rented a Honda XR125 dirt bike from us in early August 2016. We forgot to remind them of the outstanding balance of 2 million VN Dongs (~90$US). He rode the bike and his girlfriend was on the back. He hit something and damaged the front rim of the bike. However, he was not honest about it. We trust them and didn’t check the wheel until we brought to a washing shop. It’s okay and was our ignorance.

Then we sent an email and message via Facebook and ask him to pay the balance. He promised to pay but despite many follow-ups, he didn’t deliver his words. It’s a shame that for only 90$US he lied to people from a developing country like Vietnam. Imagine what he will do with a bigger amount of money. Not just money, he’s never honest about what he did to the front wheel.

Solution: Pay 90$US!

Antony Lane (Australia)

From Armidale, Australia.
Email: and
Mobile: +61402241272

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Blacklisted Customers: Antony Lane (Australian)

This man rented a Honda Wave RSX110 semi-automatic scooter from us in February 2016. He agreed to use the bike in Hanoi only. However, he gave the bike to his twin brother who rode all the way from Hanoi to HCMC and left it there. Despite several reminders, he didn’t pay for bike hire from May 2017 or found a way to return it. Many of people who used to be his friends also confirmed that he owed them money. Worst, he lied to some girl friends who he introduced as “wives”!

He lied in the email with a promise to pay. We already reported his actions to the police and the Department of Immigration. He will be refused for a future visa to Vietnam and will be arrested if he transits or lands anywhere in Vietnam.

Solution: Pay 800$US!

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