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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) MESSAGE: The situation in Vietnam is under good control. Our office is open and you can hire motorbikes or scooters from us. The booking for Vietnam motorbike tours is available and you can book now with good deals. You can change the dates (no extra charge) if flights are delayed. Thank you for your attention!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Booking Payment


Booking payment is the only way you can secure motorbikes and guide(s) for your Vietnam adventures on two wheels. Please save or print this page and avoid any typo so you don’t have to pay higher fees.

If you have a private group, one of you collects the deposit(s) from all riders and pays in one transfer to save fees, especially via banks (over 80% of transfers involves a middle bank, therefore double charged). Western Union Quick Cash Transfer used to be easier, faster and cheaper. Lately, we found this service a bit annoying from our end because they extended their reviewing time and even delivery time. However, it’s still better than a bank transfer.

Fortunately, we started to accept payment(s) through VTCPay in late March 2017. In reality, VTCPay is one of the most reputable pay gates in Vietnam. Their website is secured with SSL (green lock for securing submission of credit card details). The payment must be filled in with VN Dongs as required by Vietnamese laws (we use rate at and you pay 5% service charge on top.

Option 1. Online Payment Gate By Cards

We will prepare a sample invoice like below. As a note, large deposits from 500$US can be quite expensive using this method of payment.

A sample of VTCPay online pay gate - Booking Payment

Then all that you have to do is follow the link we send and press “Checkout To Pay” and enter information as requested. You can pay with credit cards or online banking (in case you have a Vietnamese bank account). Honestly, online banking is cheaper if you log in your Vietnamese bank account and send from there to our VND bank account (see option 3 further below).

A sample of VTCPay online pay gate Offroad Vietnam prepared- Booking Payment

After we receive your payment, we will send a confirmation email with details you need to know for preparing your adventure(s) with us.

If the confirmation message says your payment is waiting to be verified and asks you to send your identity papers and card details then don’t send anything, we will work it out from this end.

Make sure your balance is enough to pay because some customers complained their payment didn’t go through and in the end it’s just credit issues.

Last but not least, use Google Chrome browser that supports online payment better than most of other browsers.

Option 2. Western Union Money Transfer® – Money in Minutes Confirmation

If you want to find a Western Union office near you, please visit their website.

Why Western Union?

To save bank transfer fee (25$US – 50$US), you can send money through the Western Union because they offer competitive commission (2-10%, at least 5$US). There were many warnings about sending your money through the Western Union. Offroad Vietnam is a trusted company, highly recommended in many travel books, magazines and by many clients which you can follow this link to check out. We are a registered company and has been in business from late 2006 so there is nothing bad that is said about us.

Recently, the authorization/verification process became very complicated and slow. It seemed the Western Union wanted you to walk into one of their offices or agents and pay in person. However, this will allow the transfer to go through in minutes as they advertised. If you submit an online credit card payment, it rarely works!

You can pay in your local currency and choose $US as the payout currency.

Details Of The Receiver

Our details are below. You probably don’t need to provide all details listed, just fill in what they ask for – in bold. Filling in with more details or with a typo means a longer telegraphic transfer message and may cost extra. In general, the most common typo is my given name – put in The Anh, not The Ahn):
– Full name (Vietnamese way): Vu The Anh  (Vu is family name and The Anh is the first name)
– Country: Vietnam
– Current address: 36 Nguyen Huu Huan street
– Phone and/or mobile: +84 913047509
– Service type: Money in minutes

Once your wire completes, you will get a 10-digit MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number). Please send this code, the full name of the sender, actual amount and location of the transaction (or just scan and send us a copy of receipt) and we use these details to pick up the funds from a local Western Union agent shortly. We need to use an identity card to receive your deposit. Therefore, no other person can receive other than Vu The Anh (known as Anh Wu), the owner of Offroad Vietnam.

Option 3. Bank Transfer

– Beneficiary Name: Vu The Anh
– Beneficiary Account Numbers:
0011371882218 (in United States Dollars – USD) or
0011001882198 (in Vietnam Dongs – VND)
– Beneficiary Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Operations Centre) or Vietcombank (Operations Centre)
– Bank SWIFT Code: BFTVVNVX001
– Bank IBAN number (Vietnamese banks has no IBAN as this is only for European banking system): 0, 00 or 000 or more zero until it works

Note about Booking Payment

It is your responsibility to ask your bank how much they charge for the transfer fee and if they have to go through a third bank (from our experience, 80% of the transfers usually go through a bank in U.S.A. like Bank of New York or Bank of America) before Vietcombank. Please only use USD or VND. Some of our customers were double charged without notice!

Before you send out a deposit or payment to secure your booking of our services, we suggest to check out the links about booking conditions and a list of banking partners with Vietcombank.

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  1. Radosław Grzelewski Reply


    Will I be charged a commission if I send a transfer in USD using a Revolut account?



    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Radek. Yes, you will have to pay some exchange rate fees and you just ask them directly at the agent where you send the money.

  2. Anthea Reply

    I would like to rent a 50cc for a month and is based in Hanoi.
    Please confirm if we can come in and pay cash as well as the amounts for rental and deposit?
    Thank you.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Anthea. Sadly, we currently have no 50cc scooter available and the next one is not until mid-August. Therefore, we are not able to offer anything until then.

  3. Jil Reply


    We are 2 french guys arriving in Vietnam for 1 week moto trip. We would like to rent 2 motorbikes from 16th of May to 24th of May. Could you please send me an email and I will contact you ?

    Thanks a lot !

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Jil. Please check your email for a detailed reply we just sent. Let us know your thoughts please.

  4. James Richmond Reply

    Hi there,

    My friend and I are coming to Vietnam on the 28th of July and would like to rent 2 x 250 bikes from you for a self guided tour. Can you please let me know if you have bikes available and what steps we need to take to make this possible. Great website!

    best wishes,


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello James. We have two bikes available and how long do you want to hire for? The deposit amount depends on the total cost and the rental rate is 35$US per bike per day.

      • James Richmond Reply

        Dear Anh Wu,

        We will want to pick the bikes up on the 29th of July and are looking for a 7 or 10 day tour. We are aware that the weather may be bad in some areas, so could you give us some advice on which of your tours would be most suitable at this time of yea? We are both experienced riders. We would like to have the XR250’s if that is possible. I look forward to your reply.

        Best wishes,


        • Anh Wu Reply

          July is actually hot in Northern Vietnam, 30-45 degrees Centigrade. The best tour is here. To book our bikes we need 200$US (100$US each person, best to send one transfer due to expensive fees) with details at this page. Make sure to do planning with details provided at this link.

  5. Greg Allman Reply

    do you have 3 XR250 available for a 7 day rental from 10th March 2015?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Greg. Yes, we have three available at the moment. A deposit is needed to book the bikes. Let us know if you want to lock this request in. Thanks.

  6. Ian Reply

    Hi, I am Ian. I would like to know what is required for deposit. Is it money or passport?

    Many thanks,

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Ian. But what are you interested in? A bike hire? If that’s the case then either money, your country driving license or cash.

  7. Daniel Reply


    We are three friends that will ride from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi from the 23rd of February on for two weeks. Which bikes do you have available for that period and how much will they cost? Do we need a Vietnamese Licence as implied in some other web sites? All three of us have motorbike licences from our country of origin.

    Thanks for your response.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Daniel. That’s Vietnamese New Year (Tet) festival and it’s very busy over here. If you only hire bikes then unfortunately we don’t offer that because we have only one office in Hanoi. If you want a guided tour then we can discuss but the cost is from 160$US/day/person. For licenses, Vietnam doesn’t recognize foreign license until next year (2015) but things are not so difficult, more details are available here.

  8. Alf Reply


    We are 2 guys looking to rent 2 Honda XR125 from monday 5th may to wednesday 14th may. Will you have bikes available for this dates?

    many thanks

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Mr. Alf Gomi,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      We are the first and original motorbike tour operator that provide in ONLY Japanese Honda motorbikes. We don’t use any other brands or Chinese fake copies like many shops in Hanoi. All 125cc off-road bikes are new 2013/14 models. They are light, easy to handle and super reliable. Many people said it’s enough for Vietnamese roads.

      However, we have a bit difference about the starting date. We only have one Honda XR125L available on May 5th. If you start on May 6th we do have many more XR125L because they return from a trip on May 5th around mid-day. is that possible for you to start the rental on May 6th and return the bikes on May 14th or even later. This means is that possible to delay your trip by one day?

      The cost of rental is 25$US/bike/day and we will need a deposit to book these bikes. Instructions and amount will be advised when you confirm your final dates.

      We look forward to hearing from you again.


      Anh Wu,
      Sales Manager.

  9. Joe Costa Reply

    My name is Joe. I will be in Hanoi to ride from the 19th to the 23rd of April.
    I need four 125cc motorcycles with riding gear. I am checking to see
    what you have available for those dates. We will be on a self guided ride.
    This will be our fourth trip to ride in Vietnam.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Joe. All of our small 125cc motorbikes were booked throughout April of 2014 and it’s only possible with the larger 250cc Honda XR250 at 35$US/bike/day. The earliest date would be from the 21st of April, sorry we couldn’t accommodate from the 19th.

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