We have been providing near new or reliable models of road motorbikes in Hanoi. We rent only genuine Honda semi-automatic moped scooter products, no other brands, or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire. Ask about the bike model and year of manufacturing don’t just look at prices. In general, our rates are competitive and the quality is among the best.


The monthly rate is only for mid-term and long-term rentals and for riding in and around Hanoi only (limited mileage of 1,500km a month). However, this rate doesn’t apply if you ride to the Northern mountains or down to South Vietnam (long-distance, unlimited mileage). There is a discount in case you rent for three months (long-term) or over 15 days (long-distance). We will quote the long-distance rental rates when you send your request. In general, we don’t recommend riding moped scooters on long trips in terms of power, safety, and comfort even these bikes are really reliable.

Current Semi-Automatic Moped Scooters For Rent In Hanoi

The below links provide more details of the current Honda semi-automatic moped scooters we hire in Hanoi. All scooters were made between 2014 and 2018, in great condition.
– Smaller and lighter Honda Wave Alpha 110cc for people who don’t want heavier bikes, especially girls. This is the best seller of its type in Vietnam.
– Another lightweight Honda Blade 110cc. You will love its gear-changing system!
Honda Wave S/RS/RSX 110cc series for standard customers.
– In case you want a small upgrade, rent the bigger and much more powerful Honda Winner 150cc fully manual clutch under-bone sport scooter. This is usually for men.

Please note that we don’t offer one-way scooter rentals as we have only one office in Hanoi. Scooters were made for cities as a commuter, not for long-distance touring so please don’t ask us to rent them for long trips.

Rent Semi-Automatic Moped Scooters In Hanoi. Honda Blade 110cc.
Rent Semi-Automatic Moped Scooters In Hanoi. Honda Wave Alpha 110cc.
Rent Semi-Automatic Moped Scooters In Hanoi. Honda Wave RSX 110cc.


None of these bikes is really suitable for riding two up on one bike because of the HP, seat, and luggage added. Ideally, riding solo is the best option. If you have to ride two-up, relax often and don’t ride long every day, especially after dark or on rainy days. If you rent a bike to ride on a long trip, we do have a rear extended luggage rack as below. The cost is 10$US/day and all semi-automatic scooters are in near new conditions, super reliable.


HONDA has a new “Cub” on the street, called Wave. This model replaced the old Honda Dream and Wave 100cc and becomes the new king on the road. We use new bikes with low mileage (usually less than 30,000km odo, most bikes are between brand new and 20,000km). Therefore, they are very very reliable. Nobody beats us about the quality as we replace the old models with the new ones as soon as they are available on the market. We believe no shop in Hanoi has a new fleet like ours.

New Features

The Wave 110 is Honda’s latest small motorbike – scooter type.

The grip for the pillion is a slightly raised bar above the rear light.

The foot-pegs, however, are of the very old-fashioned straight rubber ones, not very suitable for a modern-looking bike.

For storage, there’s something called a “U-box”, a deep-set compartment under the seat that would be able to hold small to medium-sized items. It certainly keeps your wallet and handphone dry when you get caught in an unexpected storm.

Lights have been improved, with increased brightness; the front one has a large single projector that gives a clear light with a halogen bulb, though the beam is directed too close.

Instrumentation includes fuel level, speed, gear, and turn signal. All models come with a maintenance-free battery, a real convenience.

Better Performance

At 110cc and a four-stroke engine, don’t expect any major power.

The acceleration is pretty reasonable on a level road with gear well spaced out for a smooth acceleration at all engine revs.

However, going up the hill with a pillion rider can be quite slow.

Thankfully there’s a gear indicator panel, so after some trial and error you’ll figure out the best gears for gradients.

Its suspension system soaks up bumps and potholes well, and mounted to a more rigid chassis tends to give a wobble-free and better ride stability.

The four-stroke engine has less acceleration but is a lot cleaner and does not emit the stinking white smoke that the two-stroke bikes do.

There’s no clutch.

Its frugal fuel consumption would definitely make the Wave a good choice for those who are watching their monthly petrol bills carefully.

Honestly…Still Not Good For Long Trips

The only thing we find not good on the Wave and other Honda models in Vietnam is the seat. The back part is so thin that you can’t ride comfortably. You are likely to stop every 40 km to refresh yourself.

To know which motorbike/scooter is the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.



Many shops in Hanoi still offer the models below. We discontinued these models because the latest series offer better technology and are more reliable. No shop in Hanoi provides newer scooters than we do.

Honda Future 125Fi year 2012.
125cc Honda Future Neo 2009 series
125cc Honda Future II, Neo GT 2005-2007 series
110cc Honda Future 1, 2003 series
100-110cc Honda Wave RS & S 2005-2007 series
Honda Super Dream 110cc
100cc Honda Wave Alpha new series
100cc Honda Wave & Dream series
100cc older Honda & SYM series

Other Types Rather Than Moped Scooters For Rent At Offroad Vietnam

Road bikes, manual clutch
Dirt (Trail) bikes, manual clutch
Automatic scooters
50cc scooters

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