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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Challenging 7 Days North Vietnam On Bike


7 days / 7 nights – Challenging 7 Days North Vietnam On Bike.

Booking code of this tour: BN701

The video below has some portions of this Challenging 7 days North Vietnam on bike. In case you want to watch more videos of our Vietnam motorbike tours please check our YouTube channel.


Night 1: Hanoi – Lao Cai – Night train. ~10 h.

Departure from Hanoi at 9.30 pm. However, we must be bringing the bikes to the station two hours before to guarantee a firm loading.

Arrival in Lao Cai at 6.10 am.

Day 1: Sapa – Lao Cai – Bac Ha. ~120 km, ~3 h.

Pick up the bikes and fill up at a fuel station nearby. Then we head up the main range all the way to Sapa. It’s on a high mountain road. We take the afternoon to ride down to Ta Van village and in case you want a home stay in this beautiful village could be a possibility.

Day 2: Sapa – Luc Yen – Vu Linh. ~180 km, ~6 h.

If it is Saturday or Sunday morning, you should get up early to ride 20 km to the market, be ready for 1 long day. We descend to Lao Cai and then ride to Luc Yen, then you follow a small track. We could have lunch with a host family in Luc Yen if you prefer real local food. After lunch, ride to Vu Linh in about 2 hours along the lake on a small road lined with palm trees and scenic mountain views. It will be dark already. The welcome is exceptional and we hope you will not be too much tired.

Day 3: Vu Linh – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan. ~230 km, ~9 h.

You ride from Vu Linh to Ba Be. There are two roads: the easiest through Thai Nguyen is over 200 km, while the other one is much shorter but quite difficult. The last 50 km, you follow the river and end by a waterfall, which means that the road suddenly goes up as high as the waterfall. Then you find yourself in Mr. Pirate’s House at the top of Dau Dang waterfall. It is adventurous but very tough, the other option, the long road, is safer, and if you feel tired you can stop in Bac Kan or in Cho Don. You still have a next full day to enjoy the lake.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Challenging 7 Days North Vietnam On Bike. Train Hanoi - Sapa

Day 4: Bac Kan – Ba Be. ~60 km, ~2 h.

If you arrive early enough, there is a very cute market 3 km before to reach the lake. Our friends wait for you there, you go to the other side of the lake with the bike on it (only 15 minutes) then you cross all the lake (~7 km), join the river that you follow to the waterfall. There is Pirate’s House where you have lunch and a good rest. In the evening, you go back the same way and have dinner in the captain’s house Mr. Dang (We call him Zi Dang). You sleep there as well. Mornings are beautiful.

Day 5: Ba Be – Quang Hoa. ~30 km, ~1 h.

Nice and easy drive to the province of Cao Bang (~170 km) with some very nice spots at the top of the passes. You have about 20 km off road (easy) and all the rest is asphalted. Our friend will welcome you in the Host House of Quang Uyen. Good food.

Day 6: Quang Hoa. ~30 km, ~1 h.

Picnic? A short ride and then rafting down the river and an easy walk to the waterfalls. We propose you to discover the wonder of Na Tau. In general, this is an easy and fun day.

Day 7: Quang Hoa – Hanoi. ~300 km, ~9 h.

In general, it’s a long ride but easy.

You will ride through the jungle for a while, then join the RC 4 Road until Lang Son. Then highway 1B from Lang Son to Hanoi.

We try to arrive in Hanoi before 5pm to avoid rush hours. Otherwise, you should be good with city traffic from the experience you got over the last days.

Contact us now to book this tour or to know about different itineraries and options of this Challenging 7 days North Vietnam on bike.

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  1. Dave Reply

    How much is this trip?
    When is best month to go!

    Kind regards

    Dave S

    • Anh Wu Reply

      This trip can be organized all the year round.

      There are no best times to ride a motorbike in Vietnam as our country has an extremely long longitude spanning different climatic conditions at once. Vietnam also consists of four seasons, the winter isn’t too cold or the summer too hot. The autumn is sometimes heavy with rain but usually, it will only rain for 1 or 2 hours, then the wonderful blue sky will appear again. In the spring, mist covers the mountain tops, and even though there is cool weather it is one of the most spectacular times of year with beautiful colours of trees and flower blossom.

      For the most beautiful scenery of rice paddies in the mountain, the best time is from September to December. January to April is normally cold and foggy and May to August is hot and can be rainy.

      Most of our tours are private and only some are open to more riders. Updates are posted here. If there is no tour you could join for your dates, it’s possible to start a new trip and we advertise to get more riders if possible.

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