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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Fantastic Ha Giang 7 Days Motorbike Tour


7 days / 6 nights – Fantastic Ha Giang 7 Days Motorbike Tour.

Booking code of this tour: BN704

The video below has some portions of this fantastic Ha Giang 7 days motorbike tour. In case you want to watch more videos of our Vietnam motorbike tours please check our YouTube channel.


Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau. ~180 km, ~7 h.

Today is the first day of this fantastic Ha Giang 7 days motorbike tour. Before starting to ride, we will have a short briefing to let you know about the rules. In addition, the guide will show you how to understand him by his body language. We start around 9.30am after the rush hours.

Once out of the Red River Delta, which brims with traditional farming activity, we pass through limestone monoliths and into foothills populated by Muong people. We head straight at the main range before breaching a high and beautiful forested pass, which descends into the hidden valley of Mai Chau where we spend the night with friends in a traditional Thai stilt house.

The valley of Mai Chau lies between two rivers: the Da River and the Ma River. Therefore, Mai Chau is very fertile and rich in varied landscapes, medium mountains, forest, lake, rivers, and infinitude of small footpaths, which offer many possibilities of a trek. In the valley of Mai Chau and its surroundings are Muong, White Thai, H’mong (in the height), and the Dao who we meet at the markets or in their villages during trekking, boating or while driving.

Day 2: Mai Chau – Vu Linh. ~180 km, ~6 h.

Long ride from Mai Chau on the secondary road through Red River Delta along the river that leads to Yen Binh. After lunch in Yen Binh, we drive to the embarcadere. Finally, a boat is waiting to take us and our bikes to cross Thac Ba Lake to Vu Linh (1.5 hours). Vu Linh is a Dzao village and the welcome is exceptional.

Day 3: Vu Linh – Ha Giang. ~80 km ~5 h.

Today we start from the low land through palm trees to the higher mountains of the main range. Prepare for the best riding days to come.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Fantastic Ha Giang 7 Days Motorbike Tour

Day 4: Ha Giang – Meo Vac. ~240 km,~8 h.

What a great day. In reality, this is probably one of the very best riding days of the fantastic Ha Giang 7 days motorbike tour, even the whole Northern Vietnam. You won’t believe your eyes how beautiful Ha Giang is. In fact, riding through Dong Van karst Geo-Park is possibly the best part.

Day 5: Meo Vac – Bac Me. ~80 km ~5 h.

After a very long and rewarding day yesterday, we take our time to relax and go to the market, best on weekends. Then a short ride to Ba Be on the newly built road that was not shown on many travel maps. Yeah, it’s a newly sealed road now.

Day 6: Bac Me – Ba Be. ~80 km, ~5 h.

Ride from Quang Hoa to Lang Son. Enjoy picnic lunch on the road. In general, this is quite a hard ride but not too long (early departure is better) from Bac Me to Ba Be. Ba Be is a nice stop with rich Tay culture. However, if you want a shorter ride back to Hanoi the next day, it is all the time possible to stop 50 km after Ba Be. The place is Na Khan, a village of Tay people lost in the forest.

Day 7: Ba Be – Hanoi. ~240 km, ~8 h.

Quite a long drive but easy (early departure is better) from Ba Be back to Hanoi ~240 km.

We try to arrive in Hanoi before 5pm to avoid rush hours. Otherwise, you should be good with city traffic from the experience you got over the last days.

Contact us now to book this tour or to know about different itineraries and options of this fantastic Ha Giang 7 days motorbike tour in Vietnam.

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