Perfume Pagoda in one day by motorbike, ~140 km

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Hanoi – Perfume Pagoda – Hanoi. ~170 km, ~5 h.

Ride to Perfume Pagoda on the country road, snaking through many Viet villages. Then a boat is waiting to take us on the Yen river to the foot of the mountain. Walk to the most well-known pagoda – Huong Tich – requires a 4-km walk straight up the mountainside, passing through Tien Son, Giai Oan and Cua Vong pagodas on the way. Two of these pagodas, Tien Son and Huong Tich are built into the caves.

The new cable cars allow you to do this journey up and down in less than one hour. However, Vietnamese people believe if you want to show your goodwill to Buddha, you’d better hike up.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Perfume Pagoda in one day by motorbike, with a lazy boat cruise.

It should be noted that the site attracts the greatest pilgrimage in Northern Vietnam during the three months following Tet (New Year according to the lunar calendar). During this time, thousands of worshipers climb the mountain to pray at the various religious sites. In fact, there are totally 14 pagodas. A city of bamboo is constructed at the base of the mountain in just one week to cater for the occasion. Really impressive! This place is just below Thien Tru pagoda, where we have lunch at Mai Lam restaurant after the walk.

Note about Perfume Pagoda in one day by motorbike

– Country road.
– Boat trip on Yen river.
– Walk to the main pagoda.
– If we go to Huong Tich cave first, lunch will be a bit later and we see Thien Tru Pagoda after lunch.
– The cable car is now available from Thien Tru Pagoda to Huong Tich Cave. However, cable car ride costs extra.

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