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Tam Dao town is located on Tam Dao mountain range at an altitude of over 900 m above sea level.

The town itself is quite developed and busy at the weekends. In reality, this is a favourite place for teenagers to shoot some of the best photos of the mountains near Hanoi.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - location of Tam Dao Motorbike tour in one day.

The name of Tam Dao means three high mountains: Thach Ban (1,388m), Thien Thi (1,375m) and Phu Nghia (1,400m). In fact, Tam Dao tourist area was discovered and built by the French in the early 19th century. By 1940, Tam Dao was a “city” on high mountains with 145 high-class and splendid villas, about 60 villas with different architectural styles. Now, the old villas are almost gone and replaced by the new ones.

Best time to ride?

December to March: Usually very cloudy. You should go at this time to be able to admire the most beautiful sea of ​​clouds.

January & February: The best time for flowers along the road up to the top.

May & June: Rainfall season.

The Steep Ride Up Tam Dao

Tam Dao is about 80 km from Hanoi, and you ride the last 11 km up a pass with many sharp and narrow turns. The first part is easy, but the last part (about 3km) is really busy and expect heavy traffic jam over the weekends. Riding skills are important because the last part is quite steep. In fact, it could be easier when the new road is finished that only allow one-way travel.

Currently, it would take about two hours each way to ride up to Tam Dao.

Places Of Interest

TV tower

It is located on the top of Thien Thi at an altitude of 1,375 m. The path going up (1,400 stone steps) is hard but offers a panoramic view of the whole area, including Hanoi on a clear day. Along the way up, you can find orchids, mallow flowers and other unnamed wild flowers. From the top, the view to the four sides is immense heaven, earth, wind, and cloud. Don’t come here on a rainy day because this tower is struck by lightning mỏe than anywhere in Northern Vietnam!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Heading up Tam Dao Motorbike tour in one day.

Chua Thuong Ngan temple

This place is an alternative option if you are unable to climb to the top of Thien Thi because of limited time. Just about 200 stone steps you will have a good view of the town.

Silver waterfall

This waterfall is not far from the centre of Tam Dao town. Turn right along the trail, suck down a deep valley, you will find Silver waterfall hidden in the mountain, mysteriously pouring into the silver white water, sparkling the sunlight reflecting the rainbow colour. A small stream from above 50 m rushed water, releasing the sound of the stream, the sound of the forest, and the sound of freedom.

The water was surprisingly clear and cool. Many teenagers usually gather under the waterfall, while the middle-aged people could not resist the attraction of the fall. The path up and down the waterfall is not too long, but is steep, with slippery stone steps.

Tam Dao ancient church

The church was built in 1937, with the French architectural style. During the war against the French, all the villas in Tam Dao were completely destroyed, the church was the only architectural work preserved. It’s now a popular place for taking marvellous photos.

Cau May (Cloudy Bridge)

This place was built for taking amazing photos, especially on a cloudy or clear day. There is a small fee to visit but the photos taken here are really cool. In case you just want to get great photos of the mountains and want it naturally, then head to Gio Cafe which has the most panoramic view of the town and Hanoi in the distant.

Bear Rescue Center Vietnam

This Animals Asia funded sanctuary is at the foot of Tam Dao that you can visit on the way up or on the way down. Spread over an area of 11 hectares, the sanctuary has almost 30,000 square metres of semi-natural outdoor enclosure space designed to stimulate the bears’ natural behaviours. There are about 200 bears in this centre and it is open only twice a month to visitors from 9 to 11am and 3 to 4pm. Advance booking is required. In addition, the road to this centre is really scenic and worth a try.

View from Tam Dao's Gio cafe down the pass.

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