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Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental – Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes


(Honda XR250 Dirt Bikes four-stroke. 1998-2005 models. Sorry, we stopped providing these bikes from early 2019 and upgrade to the newer Honda CRF250L.)

Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes: Honda dirtbike XR Baja 250cc Black, Front and Back Disc brake, XL Degree 250cc White, Front and Back Disc brake

Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes: Honda dirtbike XR250 Baja 250cc Red, Front and Back Disc brakes, Ideal for Motorbike Tours in North Vietnam

Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes rental: Honda dirtbike XR250 Baja 250cc White, Front and Back Disc brakes, Ideal for Motorcycle Touring North Vietnam

About Our Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes

It really is a confidence inspiring bike to ride. It’s easy to get seen by car drivers because of its height and bright single (XR), it also makes for excellent visibility. It goes round corners better than most of the bikes available in Vietnam – faster, leaner angle and really easy to flick side to side.

Made in between 1996-2005, Honda XR250 and XR Baja 4-stroke, 250cc is the best dirt bike for Vietnamese off-road riding where power is what you need to get over dirt roads. However, this bike is only ideal for riders from 1.85m and experienced bikers who can handle bike repairs.

The original Honda XR250 Baja came with twins headlights. However, this model has a week supporting frame for the lights. In addition, many customers complained that the light didn’t go where they turned and suggested a single headlight. We now use single headlight for this model as you can see in the photos below. Note that XR250 and XR250 Baja use the identical engine, XR250 is the newer model.

Important! We stopped providing the older Honda XR250 Baja since June 2017 and currently have only newer Honda XR250 2003-2005 models. From 2018, you can hire the newer 2013 – 2017 Honda CRF250L.

Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes: Honda dirtbike XR250 Baja 250cc twins headlight vs single headlight

Today, the minimum a serious long distance traveller would use is around 650cc. In fact, most travellers are riding from 750 to 1200 cc bikes, preferably shaft driven. BMW is by far the most popular bike followed by Honda Transalp and Africa Twins, Kawasaki and Yamaha 650 and 750 Enduro’s etc. During the 70’s most of the trips were done on 250 cc bikes. At that time the Yamaha XT250 and Honda XL were the most popular bikes. However, Vietnamese speed limit is from 25 to 60km/hour, therefore we found out that 250cc is the maximum our riders need for a great trip at reasonable prices.


– To be honest, this Honda XR250 is not really suitable for riding two up on one bike because of the small and skinny seat. Ideally, riding solo is the best option. If you have to ride two up, relax often and don’t ride long every day, especially after dark or on rainy days. Buy air or soft cushion to make it more comfortable, at least for the pillion passenger.

– We are based in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam only. Therefore, we sadly don’t offer bike hire outside of Hanoi nor one-way rental. Sadly, we have nobody to recommend because we don’t know their bikes or quality of services.

– As these bikes are old models, expect some problems and therefore bike repair experience is needed. If you want freedom of mind but accept lower HP, hire the new Honda XR125. Due to 120% taxes and huge registration fees, a new Honda CRF250L costs over 10,000$US and there is no way we could do business at that price. We are honest about bike options and if you want to know more just email us.

Click here to download Honda XR250R 1996-2004 Service Manual.

Click Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Hanoi Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes Adobe Reader download to download Adobe Reader.

To have an idea how this dirt bike manages off road riding please watch this video. This bike handles challenging off road better than the smaller Honda XR125, it is, in fact, the best bike for exploring Vietnam.

Honda XR250, XR250 Baja Dirt Bikes Specifications

Number of seats 2
Country of origin Japan
Engine displacement 249 cc, air/oil cooled, 4-stroke
Cylinder 01
Engine power (hp/rpm) 28 hp (20.9 kW) @ 8,000 rpm
Starter Electronic
Engine type OHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Stroke cycle 04
Compression ratio 9.3:1
Speed 06
Ignition CDI type battery ignition
Fuel Consuming 22 km/liter speed 50 km/hour (standard gasoline)
Clutch Manual, wet multiple plate coil springs
System (volt.) 12V
Front brake Disc/Drum
Rear brake Disc/Drum
Front tyre 3.00-21-PR
Rear tyre 4.6-18-4PR
Front suspension Telescopic fork
Rear suspension Mono-shock
Fuel tank capacity (l) 14
Ground clearance (mm) 310
Height (mm) 1,220
Length (mm) 2,140
Curb weight (kg) 119
Seat height (mm) 860
Wheel base (mm) 1,420

Sorry, this trail bike is not available for rent anymore.

For more Japanese Honda trail bikes Offroad Vietnam hires out, please follow this link.

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  1. Francesco Reply

    Hi Anh Wu,
    I’m Francesco from Italy. I’ve one 1990’th Honda XL200R Paris Dakar totally restored. I want upgrade my XL with Honda XR250 Baja dirtbike Twin Headlights with cage. Please, can you help me to find that item? Eventually, can you link me the web site or the item Seller? Thank you in advance for the reply/help.
    Francesco from Fano (PU) – ITALY.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Francesco. Unfortunately, we don’t have any if these twin headlights. The frame is too weak and if you crash that will be not usable. Our parts are only for our customers to rent our bikes, not for export or sale. Sadly, it looks likely we are not able to assist this time.

      • Francesco Reply

        Hi Anh, thank you very much for your reply. I’m trying any type of web research without success!!! I’m sure that the used parts that I needed still exist somewhere in the U.S., UK or South-East Asia…but I’m not lucky 🙁
        Anyway, thank’s for your kind availability.
        Best Regards,

        • Anh Wu Reply

          Cambodia is the last place for these old bikes. We order parts from there but sorry we don’t trade parts or export them.

          • Francesco

            Hi Ahn,
            can you write me some Cambodian Stores’ link? Can I order from them the item that I need? Thank you in advance for the reply…Best Regards.

          • Anh Wu

            Sorry none of the store we work with has email. We have to call them and come to get parts. You simply have to deal with them in person. Go to street 421 in PhnomPenh or Seam Reap. Good luck.

          • Francesco

            Hi Ahn,
            just a little help please…can you write me the name of your Cambodians Honda spare parts vendors?
            Thank you in advance for the help…Best Regards.

          • Anh Wu

            Hello Francesco. We have nobody to recommend, just go to street 421 in Phnom Penh and you will find many shops. Parts are available and they normally have no email assistance. I am afraid you have to travel there and deal in person at shops.

    • Gerard O'Sullivan Reply

      Hi. I am thinking of selling my Baja XR250 twin headlamp and its in Italy Calbria send me an email.

      • Anh Wu Reply

        Hi Gerald. We are not a used bike dealer and only sell bikes we don’t need after upgrading. Our oldest dirt bike for sale is 2–3-2006 Honda XR250, much newer than your bike. Sorry, we can’t help.

  2. Shailesh Shakya Reply

    Hey there, if you don’t use the twin headlights of baja anymore, are you intrested in selling them? I am from Nepal so you’ll have to export them and i’ll pay you through bank if its possible 🙂

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Sorry no. They were broken.

  3. christian Reply

    I’m asking information for rent a AX1 250 in your company.
    I’d like travel with it in Sapa area and the across the border with Laos until Luang Prabang, then come back in Hanoi always by your motorbike. i need to rent it for 10/15 days.
    It is possible?
    how much deposit have I to let there to you?

    Thanks so much.
    I’m waiting for ur answer.


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Christian. Unfortunately, we don’t (actually never) use this model because it is not a real off-road motorbike. We have the larger and newer Honda XR250. On the other hand, we operate in Vietnam only and crossing border with bikes is not easy in Vietnam. Therefore, I think it’s not possible for us to provide anything for you this time.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Hi Anh Wu,

    Can I ride to Laos and Cambodia as well on one of your XR250s?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Andrew,

      Sadly, it is not possible unless you buy a bike which costs between 2,000 to 3,000$US each. When you hire a bike, we won’t provide the original registration card and you can’t cross the border without this paper. In addition, Vietnam requires an international pass permit which costs around 1,000$US.

  5. harry Reply

    would like to rent a honda 250cc for 2/3 weeks from nov 29th.
    how much per day?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Harry. Currently, we are renting at 35$US/day for a Honda XR250 / XR250 Baja. Do you know mechanic basics? You need some understanding of manual clutch bikes as they are not available widely in Vietnam and local mechanics are not so good.

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