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Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel is a small and professional company based in Hanoi, North Vietnam. In fact, we only specialize in 2-wheel and 4-wheel adventures inside the Vietnamese border.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Cross border tours by motorbike at Nam Soi border gate from Vietnam to Laos.

Riding Motorbike On Cross Border Tours

If you are looking for a single ride from Hanoi, crossing the border into the neighbouring countries like China, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), and Thailand, we are sorry there is nothing we could do for you. However, we do work with partners in these countries and they have the best understanding of the country where they are based, as much as we know Vietnam. Connecting with their tour(s) at the border is a good option, you save the cost (no bike shipping between countries, no international permits for taking the bike over the border)

We don’t rent bikes that you can cross the border, only within Vietnam because we keep the original registration paper. In case you lose this paper, it’s about half the value of the bike you rent! Even if you have the paper you can’t cross the border easily due to permits. Some customers reported that with an old Russian Minsk (in the border police’s opinion, it doesn’t cost anything) then they could make it through without any problem, but with a Japanese bike, they usually fail.

Cross Border By Car

If you are looking to do this by car, the issue is even more difficult. You do need a permit, itinerary approved and stamped by the authorities. In Vietnam, we drive on the right-hand-side but that’s on the other side in Thailand, for example. Only event tours like tv, filming, or caravan could afford this expensive permit. You do need traffic police to lead you throughout the road and that’s not simple in Vietnam, even if you have the cash.

There are some companies that offer cross border tours and you could research online for more details. Unfortunately, we have no recommendation for you but we wish you good luck with your research.


Anh Wu,
Sales Manager.

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