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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Used Motorbikes For Sale

Used Motorbikes For Sale Inquires Reply

Below you can find a standard reply to common Used Motorbikes For Sale inquires. In case you need more details please contact us.


Thank you for contacting us.

If you are looking for a used (second hand) motorbike in Hanoi, there are many bikes people sell but the quality and papers are bigger issues. Below are more details.

Cheap Chinese Win 110cc

Most of the bikes you could buy are a cheap Chinese copy of the famous Honda Win, they come with 100 & 110cc and electric starter and costs from 600$US new or 100-300$US used. The original Honda Win is 100cc and only comes with kick start. Honda Indonesia stopped making this model in early 2000’s and a brand new one costs more than 2,000$US. A decent refurbished Japanese one like this costs at least 600$US. We never use or sell any Chinese fake, they are not safe and reliable enough. Click here for more details.

Japanese bikes available in Vietnam

In Vietnam, manual touring motorcycles are not many, by far the only few companies that make this model are Taiwanese SYM (Wolf 125cc -1,000$US), Suzuki (EN150A – 2,500$US, GZ150-A – 2,800$US) and Yamaha (FZ150i – 3,000$US). Other manual bikes are Yamaha (Exciter 135cc – 2,000$US), Suzuki (Axelo 125cc – 1,600$US, Raider 150cc – 2,500$US) and Honda (Winner 150cc – 2,500$US or MSX 125cc – 2,800$US) but they are under-bone scooters, not touring bikes. Then the only choice is imported touring motorcycles that come with 90% import tax, 20% luxury tax and 10% VAT plus registration fees (big if over 175cc). For example, a Honda CRF250L 2013 goes for around 10,000$US and a CBR250RR about 8,000$US.


If your requirement is simple, the cheaper choice is a semi-automatic scooter, ranging from 500$US (used) to 1,000$US (new). At least 70% of bikes on Vietnamese roads belongs to this model. However, they are small, underpowered and suspensions are really hard. On the other hand, parts are cheap and they are surprisingly very reliable (small engines?)

Offroad Vietnam has only one office in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. In reality, we are not specialized in selling used motorbikes. When we upgrade our current bike fleet, we have some used bikes for sale. They are in good working conditions, tuned up for long distance riding and we try to make them as simple and as reliable as possible. For a list of bikes that we currently sell, please follow this link.

In case you have more questions or are not clear with any detail in this reply please get back to us anytime via email, Yahoo Messenger or Skype or phone.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Anh Wu (Mr),
Sales Manager.

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Please contact us in case you need more details of used motorbikes for sale inquires in Hanoi.

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  1. Bruce McMillan Reply

    Hi, I have some questions about bikes, if it’s alright to come around this afternoon and talk in person? I would enjoy a test ride to see what the different models are like and listen to any advice on buying. I read through your pages, I’m in Hanoi traveling sometime without any set plans, just like to get out and take my time. Thanks!

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Bruce. We are not a used bike dealer and we only sell the bikes that we don’t use to upgrade to bigger or newer bikes. You can see a list of bikes we currently have for sale here. It’s just too late to meet for any ride test this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow or next week.

  2. DEnijal Bezdrov Reply


    I’m interested in buying a used Honda Blade 110cc bike for a 3 months trip through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Can you please give me some details about the bike and the price? Thanks.


    • Anh Wu Reply

      It’s year 2015 and has around 15,000km on the speedometre. You can buy a new bike from 900$US if you wish. When do you want to buy it?

  3. Jeff Reply

    What is the biggest bike you can hire in Vietnam?

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hi Jeff. Our biggest bike you can rent are Honda 250cc dual enduro bikes. You can hire a Honda XR250L for 35$US/day or a Honda CRF250L for 50$US/day. A larger touring motorbike is very expensive in Vietnam due to 120% taxes. FYI, a new Honda CRF250L is 9,000$US!

  4. Francois Reply

    I am interested in the Honda 150cc dirt bikes for sale. I live in Hai Phong and visit Hanoi almost every week. please send me more info, will be in Hanoi Friday 8 march 2018, may i can come and have a look at the bikes. Tel No: 093 603 94 64.

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Francois. Yes, the photos are our real bikes and all were registered in my name (original owner). You can come and check out the bikes at our office with details here. We are open from 8am to 5pm this Friday (March 9th not 8th).

  5. Russell Prowse Reply

    I rented a bike from you a few years ago, I was talking to a friend recently that said there was a motorbike company in Vietnam that had old war Harley Davidson motorbikes, do you know who it is that has the Harley’s.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Russell,

      I think your friend might talk about Russian Ural sidecars, not Harley Davidson as there is no place that has this bike as you said in Vietnam. With 120% import taxes, a Harley here costs a fortune, more than a normal car.

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