Superstitions exist everywhere on this planet. However, it can be different between countries. Vietnam and Asia alike can be more superstitious than other continents.

The Most Typical Superstitions

There are numerous taboos on all aspects of life in Vietnam, just as we have our omens of bad luck such as walking under a ladder. A few of them are as follows:

Don’t express lavish admiration for a new baby, because the devils might hear you and steal the child because of his desirability.

When going somewhere on business, avoid seeing a woman first. In case you do see a woman first as you go out your door or on the way, postpone the trip.

Mirrors are often on the front doors. If a dragon tries to get in, he will see his reflection and think that there is already a dragon there and go away.

Single bowls of rice and chopsticks should not be served. Always place at least two on a table. One bowl is for the dead. Never let chopsticks touch others or make unnecessary noise with them. Do not place chopsticks in food and leave them there.

Do not hand someone a toothpick.

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Never buy one pillow or mattress pad, always buy two.

Do not use relative’s towels.

Do not overturn musical instruments, or beat both sides of a drum simultaneously.

Going Dutch with a Vietnamese is not a good thing. If you run into someone at a restaurant and you join his table, let him pay the whole bill or pay it all yourself. In reality, the senior person usually pays.

Gifts for brides and grooms are usually in pairs, including blankets. A single item indicates the marriage is not expected to last long. Two less expensive items are more desired than one nicer one.

Do not cut fingers and toenails at night.

Educated people and others who are not in the peasant class do not work with their hands. To do so would appear to try to beat a poor peasant out of his job. In addition, it is considered beneath the dignity of refined people.

You shouldn’t wear hats inside churches, even Catholic ones.

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