This page provides some details about Vietnam’s customs, traditions & rites. Knowing these things will let you feel familiar once you are here.

Knowing Vietnam’s Customs

Anyone going to Vietnam would be wise to bone up on some of the unique customs and superstitions of the country. Otherwise, they cause confusion, misunderstandings, hard feelings, or even loss of friendship. The old saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” cannot be applied to Vietnam. However, it is still very important that you respect certain customs and superstitions of the people.

Many Vietnamese having extensive contact with foreigners have begun to understand Western ways. Some have even adopted some of them for their own use. However, there are thousands of ordinary folks whose customs have not changed in generations. They live mainly in the countryside and have little contact with foreigners.

 Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Vietnam's Customs, Traditions & Rites

The Most Popular Vietnam’s Customs, Traditions & Rites In Vietnamese Daily Life

Greeting People
Taboos in Personal Relationships
Confusing Personal Traits of Vietnamese
Superstitions, Very Popular In Vietnam & Asia
Hospitality, Different Way (Oriental)
Marriage, Wedding
Pregnancy And Birth

Offroad Vietnam has been offering professional guided, semi-guided, and self-guided motorbike tours and motorcycle adventures all over Vietnam since December 2006. All guided and semi-guided trips start from Hanoi but could end anywhere in Vietnam. We ride to places that are not easily accessible by cars or other means of transport. This means we see a REAL VIETNAM and experience a true Vietnamese life at homestays. To get on well with the host families and respect their customs, we have the following things to let you know before riding with us in Vietnam. Our guide will explain you one more time on the trip but it’s always better to know this beforehand. This way allows us to deliver the top class of responsible tourism. For more information about Vietnam’s customs, traditions & rites, please contact us.

More Information About Vietnam

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54 groups of people
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