(Mick Crowe reviews of 11 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~1,800 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Mick Crowe's Reviews Of North-East & Ha Giang Of Vietnam Motorbike Tour (Australia), Northeast Vietnam and Ha Giang motorbike tour reviews

We were 12 people from different backgrounds on the trip and every one of us agrees we had a fantastic time. I will definitely be back for another trip! Thanks for being so easy to deal with, you and your people are very honest, helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Looking forward to next time.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Was really good, we had a group with different levels of skill and any faster or slower would have upset one part of the group. The guides did a good job of monitoring rider skills and adjusting to suit. If we had a group with a better skill level, fewer stops would be better but if we were all less skilful more stops is better.

Bikes and equipment

The bikes are really well suited, although they are older and need a bit of TLC we all grew very attached to our “steeds”, the support truck made the trip so much easier and the driver did a great job.


The accommodation was great, clean and neat. Let’s face it all you really need is a good shower, cold beer and a bed and we got all of that. The home stays are great really nice to meet the families.


Hard to please everyone when it comes to food but I found it to be terrific and plentiful. I travelled to Vietnam to experience your culture and I think we got a good taste of it. Some people who are more conservative commented that they were a bit homesick for western food but I enjoyed it.

Guide and organisation

First class!!! These guys are fantastic individuals and as a group they had us laughing all the time. They have a good way of working with the group so we got the most out of our experience. The organisation was really well done our hotels and food were always organised, bikes were serviced ready for us each morning. The guides had a good knowledge of the area and explained where we were going and something about the people and culture. These guys made the trip into an experience that we will never forget.


Extremely reasonable, the trip was excellent value for money. I have spoken to people who have done more expensive trips who have not had as much fun.

How did you know about us?

A friend recommended you and I had also found your website, (which is excellent). After I had booked I also saw stories in Motorcycle Trader magazine and Bikesales website. You guys are getting a lot of people who have travelled with you recommending you to others in Australia. I will be telling all my friends!

Full name: Mick Crowe.

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