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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Ha Giang + Northeast Motorbiking Reviews


Here are Ha Giang + Northeast motorbiking reviews & comments from our customers about riding in this scenic region. Please click on the links to learn more.

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Mrs. Jo Bensemann | 1,400 km | 8 days on Honda CRF250L & XR150L
Mr. Gregoire de Malherbe | 1,400 km | 7 days on Honda XR250
Mr. Dave Kieft | 1,900 km | 10 days on Honda XR250
Ms. Mandi Swander | 1,100 km | 6 days on Honda XR125L & CGL125
Mr. Richard Coombe | 1,800 km | 11 days on Honda XR250
Mr. Peter Clegg | 1,600 km | 9 days on Honda XR250
Mr. Samuel Waelty & two brothers | 1,500 km | 8 days on Honda XR250 & XR125L
Mr. Lachie Gunn | 1,500 km | 8 days on Honda XR250
Mr. Mark Durene | 1,300 km | 6 days on Honda XR250
Mr. Jeremy Collins | 1,600 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Spencer Utt | 1,600 km | 8 days on GL160
Mr. Tim and Mrs. Alice Samuelson | 1,600 km | 8 days on XL150
Mr. Kevin Day | 2,000 km | 11 days on XR250
Ms. Margaret Stewart | 1,400 km | 8 days on XR125
Mr. Guy Allen | 1,400 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Mick Crowe | 1,800 km | 11 days on XR250
Mr. Chris Grew | 1,300 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Bill Thomas | 1,400 km | 10 days on XR250
Mr. Andrew Kay | 1,500 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Stephen McAuley | 1,800 km | 11 days on GL160
Mr. Eric Doucet | 1,500 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Rossa Geraghty | 1,500 km | 8 days on XR250
Mr. Neil Tolentino | 1,800 km | 11 days on XR250
Mr. Rod Chapman | 1,400 km | 8 days on Baja XR250
Mr. Sean Butler | 1,350 km | 8 days on Baja XR250
Mr. Rory Forde | 1,350 km | 8 days on Baja XR250
Mr. Stefan Ernst Goad | 1,250 km | 6 days Minsk 125
Mr. Colin Daniel McDonnell | 1,250 km | 6 days Minsk 125
Mr. Stephen Naven | 1,250 km | 6 days Minsk 125
Mr. Roberto Sgarella | 1,250 km | 6 days Minsk 125

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  1. BUSATO Reply

    I made in august 2018 an 8 days motorbikes 150 CC trip of 1300 km across north Vietnam with my two teenagers’ sons: just amazing!!!
    We choose 3 Honda 150 CC motorbikes to ride across North Vietnam up to the Chinese Border with the help and advices of our local Guide who stayed with us all along the way. We chose the 150 CC because they are very light and can crossover everywhere.
    We had absolutely no mechanical problem at all with the bikes despite the rough roads and off road tracks we have been through. Our guide knew every single road, path and track to make us discover the best of this wonderful landscape and people of north Vietnam.
    We advise you to prepare yourself for a challenging and exciting journey which requires to be able to handle motorbikes off road in severe conditions at least 50% of the time. But it is so fun and rewardfull to go where no tourist ever go and to meet local people.
    Our guide was just perfect, with a combination of kindness, knowledge of the areas and precious help to find the best tracks and stays.
    This trip will leave us memories for life, that is for sure! Just incredible!!
    We definitely recommend this agency and guide to discover in a very original way this wonderful region. The price is good, the bikes are good, the journey is good and the guide is just excellent.
    Enjoy the ride !!

    Ludovic, Luigi and Léo.

  2. Armita Reply

    We went on a 10-day motorcycle trip to northern Vietnam. We found out about Off Road Vietnam on internet, and looked at their reviews which were very positive. We contacted them and they were accommodating and prompt in answering emails. When we arrived to Vietnam and went to pick up our motorcycles everything was ready to go and set. At first we had doubts about hiring a guide thinking we could do it on our own. In retrospect hiring a guide was a life saver!

    Our guide (Son) was experienced, professional, accommodating, and patient. He went above and beyond the duty to make sure that we have an amazing experience in this trip. He took us to amazing view points, stopped at the villages that we might have not even noticed on our own to show us markets, and explain Vietnamese way of living. On top of it all, he always had a smile on his face, and great sense of humour. At the end, it was difficult to say bye to him and our bikes. We definitely recommend this company and hiring a guide through them.

  3. Mick Bowyer Reply

    8 good friends including myself just returned from an 8-day Ha Giang tour with the team from Offroadvietnam. Our guides Li, Thon and Hai – our support vehicle driver were very supportive, and informative through out the whole trip, not to add a great sense of humour. The combination of home stays and motels was a great experience, the people are very friendly and helpful.

    The tempo or the trip was fantastic, at no time did we feel rushed or didn’t have time to stop and take photos, the team greatly catered for all of us.

    The food through out the whole trip was nothing short of sensational, at the end of every meal we all came away extremely satisfied.

    Our tour Guides Li and Thon, can not speak more highly of them they were absolutely brilliant, very good English with a great sense of humour, it was not just the scenery and the people that make a good trip, our guides made it into a great trip.

    Michael Bowyer reviewed Ha Giang & Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour by Offroad Vietnam

    The bikes we rode were Honda XR250’s, they were in good condition and carried us all flawlessly throughout the whole trip, Li, Thon and Hai maintained the standard during the trip, always checking oils, water, chain and brakes to ensure we all had a reliable ride.

    I would not hesitate to recommend OffroadVietnam and the team for your Vietnam experience.

  4. Albert Lee Reply

    The tour was an unforgettable trip. There were no surprises except the breathtaking views I got to experience during the trip. I have to admit, sometimes I was torn between having fun with the off-roading or soaking in the stunning views.

    I rode the XR125 and had absolutely no problems with it. I was still able to keep up with the XR250 bikes.

    The accommodation and food was very nice as well. I feel like I may have gained some weight from the trip! Our guide Vuong made sure we never went hungry and that we were satisfied with the food.

    Also, Vuong was not only accommodating in our food, but he did everything that ensured that our adventurous trip was filled with excitement while providing security as well.

    Albert Lee on a Vietnam motorbike tour December 2014

    Anh Wu, the owner of the tour business has always been extremely informative and helpful, getting my visa situation taken care of…twice, at a moment’s notice.

    Overall a reliable, fun, exciting tour with Off-road Vietnam and the value cannot be beat by the competition. Thanks again!


    A good friend and I just returned from a 10 day Ha Giang tour, with a side excursion to Ha Long Bay. The guys at Offroad Vietnam were very helpful in answering questions prior to our trip, and tailoring our trip to meet our exact needs. The arranged for our Visa on Arrival, airport pickup, and first night stay in Hanoi. We rented the XR250s that were well maintained and gave us no problems during our week and a half of hard riding.

    The tempo of the tour was good, we wanted to cover a lot of ground and see as much of the sights as possible. Our guide (Thon) kept close tabs on the weather and chose our breaks wisely, and kept us out of the thunderstorms on a couple of occasions.

    Considering the price of the tour, we were impressed by the accommodations, some were way nicer than I expected to see.

    The food was nothing short of spectacular. I never left a meal feeling hungry. We are a little more on the adventurous side, and tried everything that was put in front of us. The sweet potato fries, spring rolls, pho and other local dishes hit the spot every time.

    Our guide (Thon), went above and beyond to make sure we had a great trip. He was patient, helpful, spoke perfect english, took pictures and video of us. I have to say he was probably the best guide I have ever encountered on any trip. We asked to change our itinerary mid trip, and he was able to arrange it with no problem.

    This company provides an exceptional tour at a very reasonable rate. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about planning a trip to Vietnam. Im already thinking about another vacation with Offroad. Feel free to contact me with any questions at

    Jeff Fleigner rode Ha Giang on Honda XR250 enduro motorbikes 2014

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