(Andrew Kay reviews of 8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc adventure, ~1,500 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Andrew Kay's Reviews Of Northeast & Ha Giang Of Vietnam Motorbike Tour (Australia), Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour reviews.

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the ride, it was even better than my expectations. The boys already want me to organise another one, so with a bit of luck (from the wife), I will be seeing you all again soon.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Each days length of riding was very good. Some days were fairly long and a couple were fairly short. Overall excellent, we always managed to arrive well before dark even with plenty of stops and minor problems such as flat tyres. It was good to have the odd shorter day as we arrived earlier and had more time to meet the people at the homestays and relax.

Bikes and equipment

Bikes were EXCELLENT. I was expecting (and warned the boys to also expect) bikes that were quite rough and flogged out with 160,000kms on them from doing so many trips and riders being rough on them. Well, what a pleasant surprise to check over the bikes and see that they were all in great condition- good tyres, all controls and levers straight, no sticking throttle cables and all disc brakes and pads in good condition. None of the seats was torn and the tyres were all very good. The tyres were a road/trail type and were perfectly suited to the conditions we rode. At the beginning, the boys were all worried about riding JUST a 250, as they all ride 250 2 strokes or WR/KTM450s etc.

A couple of days into the ride they all agreed the XR250s were the perfect bike, as speeds were between 40-60kmph for 90% of the time, they had enough power for overtaking and to get us out of trouble, but not too much so that it would get us into trouble! Also, the fat and comfy seats were a dream for longer days.


Excellent, we made no special requests for food, and the Vietnamese food provided was excellent, especially at the homestays.

Guide and organisation

The ride was organized superbly. Not once did we have to worry or stress about a single thing – it was all taken care of and “No Problem”. Our guide Thon was an absolute great bloke and rider and both he and our back up truck driver Hai were fantastic and had a great sense of humour.


The price is a shade more expensive than some of the others, but I am POSITIVE that the quality of this ride is far superior. The Bikes and guides were perfect and added to the perfect trip.

How did you know about us?

Through research online and then I also saw you mentioned in a guide book, this helped to sway me a little, as I then knew you were a very reputable company and we were not going to be ripped off. Once the ride was booked and organized I heard of 2 different groups from my home town (Shepparton) that had done rides in Vietnam that had not gone well. One group was ripped off and the other group was so disappointed that they abandoned their ride halfway through. I will not mention which 2 companies they were through but can assure you that it was NOT through Offroad Vietnam.

Full name: Andrew Kay.

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