(Nicolas Gamache reviews of 15 days Big North Vietnam venture, ~2,300 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Nicolas Gamache's Reviews (Canada), Big North Vietnam motorcycle tour reviews

Eastern part of the North Vietnam is very must to see!! No tourist at all and incredible scenery.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The duration of a motorcycle day depends on the weather, but it should be between 150km to 200km. Big North Vietnam can be done in ~10 days instead of 14 days.


Honda XL 125cc leaks of proper maintenance prior to the tour but still more reliable than Minsks. Our guide, Quynh was really doing what he can to keep customers happy with their bikes.


Some highs and some lows that make the tour very different. Home stays in Mai Chau is very great as the hotel in Cao Bang. Home stay in Ha Giang is not very appropriate but the people were fine over there.


Lots and lots of food on the table. Vietnamese food is simple but very tasty. Quynh always tries to order food that will please the customers.

The organization – Guide services

Excellent, Quynh is a bit shy and make us laugh all the time. He always tries to do his best to satisfy clients. He needs more mechanic skills but he will learn from experience.

The price


How did you know about us?


Full name: Nicolas Gamache.
Address: Quebec, CANADA.

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