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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Grand North Loop Vietnam


Here are comments and reviews from our customers about motorcycling Northern Vietnam Grand North Loop (the big loop). Please click on the links to learn more.

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Grand North Loop Reviews

Mr. Peter & Mrs. Jennifer Roberts | ~2,600 km | 16 days on GL160
Mr. Damon Howey | ~2,600 km | 16 days Honda XR250
Ms. Linda Parker | ~2,300 km | 14 days Honda GL160 pillion passenger
Mr. Ben Wheble | ~2,300 km | 14 days Honda GL160
Mr. & Mrs. Randall & Elizabeth Haines | ~2,000 km | 12 days Honda GL160
Mr. Noel Farrey | ~2,300 km | 15 days Honda Baja 250cc
Mr. Nicolas Gamache | ~2,300 km | 15 days Honda XL 125cc
Mr. Martin Lavigne | ~2,300 km | 15 days Honda XL 125cc
Mr. Claude Cote | ~2,300 km | 15 days Honda XL 125cc
Mr. Real Baillargeon | ~2,300 km | 15 days Honda XL 125cc
Mr. Philippe Hardy | ~2,100 km | 16 days Honda GL160
The Noble family | ~1,800 km | 10 days Honda GL160
Mr. Vinny Holt | ~1,600 km | 10 days Honda GL160
Mr. William Millar | ~1,600 km | 10 days Honda GL160
Ms. Solyssa Visalli | ~2,000 km | 11 days Honda GL160
Mr. Dave Walter Flooks | ~2,000 km | 11 days Honda GL160
Mr. Dario Favi & Ms. Manuela Tomasello | ~2,000 km | 11 days Honda GL160
Mr. Ron Coslick | ~2,000 km | 14 days Honda GL160
Mr. Joseph Au | ~2,000 km | 14 days Honda GL160

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  1. Day Chatfield Reply

    Fantastic experience:

    Tempo of tour and stop over pace was good, rode approx, 9am to 5pm most days. Coffee breaks twice and good time for lunch. We got to have a few hours rest before dinner and went to bed early 8-9pm, breakfast approx 8am.

    Our bikes were XR125s were well serviced, quite adequate (I ride a DR650 in NZ), very manipulative, reliable, set at factory settings. Had enough power to carry a 100kg person and luggage over the most steep and rugged terrain. We only had one flat tyre, which Vuong, our guide knew how to fix, he had good mechanical knowledge. The seat was quite hard but bicycle shorts with silicon gusset were helpful.

    Accommodation and food were fit for a king, amazing. Vuong treated us to a total variety of cuisine.

    Vuong was very professional, cheerful, patient, organised, encouraging and knew all the great offroads, wouldn’t have wanted to have done the trip without him. Amazing educated young man with 5-6 years experience in offroad tours.

    The price for the four of us $129 per day included everything but coffee and alcohol. Very reasonable to generous I’d say.

    Read about “Offroad Vietnam” in motorcycle trader, also in Lonely planet. Anh Wu has been wonderful with communicating, organisation and happy to help us with the whole adventure. A totally trustworthy team and company.

    Many thanks guys.

    Fay Chatfield, Andy Aitchison (New Zealand) and Mark Jones, Terence Francis Vetier (Australia) on a 7-day Ha Giang & Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour November / December 2015

  2. Ross Geraghty Reply

    Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Was a good pace and matched the riders ability
    – Bikes and equipment: Bikes were a bit old and well used but went fine and no issues with them.
    – Accommodation: Home stays were a bit cold (the time of the year). Hotel standards were good
    – Food: Food was excellent and plentiful
    – Guide and organization: Vuong was very good, spoke excellent English and was knowledgeable in all aspects
    – The price: As good as you can get
    – How did you know about us? Lonely planet
    – Additional comments? Have done 2 trips now and would do it again.
    – Do you agree if we post your name, country of origin and comments, on our site? Yes this is ok with me

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