(Joseph Au reviews of 14 days The Great North Happy Time Loop, ~2,000 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Joseph Au's Reviews Of Big Northern Loop Vietnam Motorbike Tour (U.S.A.), Northeast Vietnam and Ha Giang motorbike tour reviews

1. Hygiene is one thing. The toilet in some guest-houses can be cleaner without costing the hosts more money.

2. Should have advised customers about bringing goggles and mouth guard/handkerchief due to dust. In fact, I would suggest Offroad provide at least that mouth-guard, it costs a dollar or two, and customers would be happier. Also, recommend customers to bring their own contact lens solution and perhaps extra eye drops due to pollution.

3. Although this kind of trips is not for everyone, I would recommend anyone to do it. The experience we had in two weeks in only a part of one country comes close to what I have seen on videos or read about of those who have traveled around the world for months.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Perfect, although we chose to have an extra day for rest. I do notice a couple stop-overs after Thac Be lake are less interesting than the rest, but I think it’s because we have a different route from the planned.


Hondas work fine with a few minor problems: brake and idling. Minh can fix everything with unconventional methods.


All good. But a couple of guest houses can do a better job in cleaning the bathroom/toilet area. Sleeping + dining areas are all fine.


Great. Love it. However, I do not fancy those restaurant places where people just throw bones and used napkins on the floor even though they claim their dogs and cats would clean. The restaurant just looks really unappealing when we arrive, although I understand that it is a cultural thing especially in the village areas.

The organization – Guide services

Minh is awesome, attentive to our needs, takes care of bikes and hygiene issues, and give us plenty of info before each ride. Great getting along. The only minor thing Minh doesn’t drink as much rice wine as us and the hosts. But then we would rather have him in good shape for every ride.

The price

Reasonable. We thought about hiring bikes and driving by ourselves without a guide. Then we thought after a long day of riding, last thing we wanted was to search for restaurants to eat or a place to stay, let alone the language difficulties. The price we pay is partially for this organization convenience, we follow the guide, we eat, we sleep, and we enjoy the trip. Plus, the translation by the guide really adds a lot of value in terms of communicating with locals along the way.

How did you hear about us?

Google, after we types ‘Motorcycle Vietnam’. We also felt comfortable with the details of the website, the speed, and content of the response to each of our questions, and the fact that they offered us to contact with one of their past customers for opinions. This builds significant trust given the far distance.

Full name: Joseph Au.
Address: GERMANY.

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