Dario Favi & Manuela Tomasello’s Reviews Of Big Northern Loop Vietnam Motorbike Tour

(Dario Favi & Manuela Tomasello reviews of 11 days The Great North Loop, ~2,000 km)

Dario Favi & Manuela Tomasello's Reviews - Offroad Vietnam

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Fine basically, in order to complete the area in no rushing days. 10-11 days recommended.


Motorbike is enough for 2 up travelling in dual sport mood, no complaint.


Very nice homestays, basic hotels. Homestays recommended.


Always good and enough, sometimes better in homestays.

The organization – Guide services

Guide guy (Hung) has been plain perfect, helping and careful, no more to be asked. Hung is a fantastic guide!!!

The price

No complaint.

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Full name: Dario Favi & Manuela Tomasello
Address: ITALY

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