From 1947 to 1950, at Bong Lau – Lung Phay Pass, Viet Minh had launched many attacks at French army:
– June 18th, 1949 destroyed 10 trucks and killed 100 soldiers;
– September 3rd, 1949 destroyed 35 trucks, killed 94 soldiers, and arrested 93 prisoners;
– June 27th, 1950 killed 103 soldiers and arrested 37 prisoners;
These played an important part in RC4 battles and the liberation of Northeast and Lang Son in 1950.

On our Vietnam motorbike tours through the North-East and the scenic Highway 4, you will be able to stop and take many photos of this historical pass. At Lung Phay pass, there’s a panoramic view of the Highway 4 sub-areas and also parts of China.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Lung Phay pass, a motorbiking spot in Vietnam

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