Mrs. Stefanie Maguire’s Reviews Of North-Centre Vietnam Motorbike Tour

(Stefanie Maguire reviews of 7 days Honda road bike touring, ~1,100 km)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

At the start, we thought we are going very slow but after a very short time, we actually realised that it was just perfect – like this everyone could enjoy the superb scenery. Lots of stops – very good!Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Ms. Stefanie Maguire's Reviews (Switzerland)

Bikes and equipment

One rider + one pillion worked out perfect for us – the back of the bike was very comfortable & it gave me the chance to take lots of pictures.


Loved the homestays! Try to do more of these!


All very good + tasty. Tried all different kinds of things (swan, goat, etc.). Very tasty rice wine. We got to love the “tea ceremony” after the food.

Guide and organisation

Hung very knowledgeable – loved the upon-teams circus evening! Always very helpful. Liked that he watched what was going on in the kitchen to make sure we got good food.

The price

Fair for what you get! Really worth it!

How did you know about us?


Full name: Stefanie Maguire
Address: 19/33 Ban PrangThang Kwang Road, Phuket, THAILAND.

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