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(Serge Limberger reviews of Big North Vietnam, ~2,200 km, 14 days Honda XR 250cc motorbike rental)

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Hello Mr. Anh Wu,

With four friends, we rented 5 bikes 250 cc XR from Offroadvietnam for 2 weeks in January 2013.

All was arranged easily by email, there was no problem: after having the deposit, the bikes were booked and secured.

We appreciated the website, very complete with a lot of useful information. The guys of Offroadvietnam were very pleasant and gave us a maximum of indications about the trip. We made a loop around North Vietnam (West and East): Hano├» – Dien Bien Phu – Sapa – Ho Babe – Cao Bang – Langson – Along Bay. We were not lucky with the weather: cold (Sapa 4┬░), rain, and fog; More many roads were out of order. Nevertheless, the bikes were reliable and worked very well. These bikes were perfectly adapted to the situations. The only trouble we had was changing 2 cables of the clutch. The riding was difficult but great; our trip was a really great human experience.

In short, we say thank you to Offroadvietnam and will recommend it unhesitatingly.

Serge LIMBERGER from France.

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