This page provides some details about the Si La people. They are one of the 54 groups of people in Vietnam.

Name Of Ethnic Group

Si La (also known as Cu De Xu, and Kha Pe)

Si La People Population

909 people (2019 Census)


Lai Chau Province.

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Customs & Habits

The Si La live in houses level to the ground. The kitchen is usually at the centre of the house. Relationships between the members of a lineage are very close. The head of a lineage is usually the oldest man who plays an important role in the village. He also acts as a leader in charge of internal affairs, and especially during worship. The “mo” (sorcerers) is well respected. The Si La wedding ceremony has two stages with one year passing in between the stages. The family of the groom must hand wedding presents to the bride’s family prior to meeting the bride and bringing her home.

The burial ground of the dead occupies a plot at the end of the village. Graves of members of the same lineages are grouped together. The Si La often build the funeral house for the dead first, then dig the grave for the house. In reality, the coffin is hollowed tree trunk. When a person dies, the Si La organize different kinds of ceremonies. They never clean the graves or exhume the dead’s remains, but they maintain the custom of mourning their parents for three years. The Si La also worship their ancestors and the spirits of the village.


The Si La language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman Group.


The attire of women is quite unique. The upper parts of their dresses are different colours and with silver and tin coins decoration. Their headgear varies according to age. When travelling, they always carry a woven handbag with red fringes attached to the hems of the handbag. In the past, men have painted their teeth red and women have painted theirs black. This custom is no longer observed by young people.


The main forms of income are rice and corn cultivation. Hunting and gathering are also a significant part of the life of the Si La.

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