This page provides some details about Mang people. They are one of the 54 groups of people in Vietnam.

Name Of Ethnic Group

Mang (also known as Mang U and Xa La Vang)

Mang People Population

4,650 people (2019 Census)


Sin Ho, Muong Te, Phong Tho districts of Lai Chau Province; and Muong Cha District of Dien Bien Province.

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Customs & Habits

The chief of the village, together with the council of the oldest men, takes responsibility for the affairs of his village. The houses are on stilts. Young Mang men and women are free to choose their own partners. According to customs, the two families are made to struggle for the bride on the wedding day as the bride is brought from the house of her family to worship the heavens.


The Mang language belongs to the Mon-Khmer Group. Chin tattooing is considered a rite for young men to mature into adulthood.


Men wear garments consisting of a short vest open at the front and trousers. Women wear a long skirt, a short vest open at the front, and a piece of white cloth decorated with various motifs.


The Mang practice slash-and-burn cultivation techniques with rudimentary homemade tools. The Mang cultivate rice in terraced fields similar to the Tha and practice basketry.

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