This page provides some details about the La Ha people. They are one of the 54 groups of people in Vietnam.

Name Of Ethnic Group

La Ha (also known as Xa Cha, Xá Bung, Xá Khao, Xá Táu Nha, Xá Pojoong, Xá Uong, Bu Hà, Pua, Phlao, Xa Khan, and Khla)

La Ha People Population

10,157 people (2019 Census)


Son La and Lao Cai provinces.

Customs & Habits

The La Ha house is on stilts with two entrances and ladders at both ends. Young boys and girls are free to seek their love. A young boy will visit a young girl at her house playing the flute or a two-string violin to try to engage her in normal conversation. After the marriage proposal, the bridegroom lives in the bride’s family house for four to eight years before the wedding actually takes place. The bride then joins her husband’s family and takes his family name.

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Old customs require that a dead person is buried along with their money and a rice paddy. The La Ha believe there are many supernatural forces including spirits of the forest, the water, the mist, and the house. In each family, only the soul of the father, which will turn into the spirit of the house after his death, is worshipped. Every year, when the ban flowers blossom, a celebration is held by every family to honour their parents.


The La Ha language belongs to the Kadai Group.


The La Ha dress the same as the Black Thai.


The La Ha live on slash-and-burn farming. Nowadays, many villages cultivate rice in submerged fields and build embankments to protect the soil from erosion. The La Ha grow cotton but do not weave.

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