This page provides some details about Kho Mu people. They are one of the 54 groups of people in Vietnam.

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Kho Mu (Xa Cau, Mun Xen, Pu Thenh, Tenh, and Tay Hay)


56,542 people


Nghe An, Lai Chau, Son La, Thanh Hoa, and Yen Bai provinces.

Customs & Habits

The Kho Mu still live a nomadic lifestyle. Their houses use temporary and rudimentary materials. In addition, they have very little furniture. The husband must live with his wife’s family for one year after marriage. Marriage between the same lineages is strictly forbidden. The Kho Mu believe in the existence of spirits. They believe spirits assist the heavens, the sound of thunder, the earth, the forests, and the field The worshipping of spirits of the village and of ancestors is very common. They also pray for bumper harvests and good annual production.


The Kho Mu language belongs to the Mon-Khmer Group. In fact, they have a rich heritage of tradition and culture.


The garments of the Kho Mu resemble the Thai group, but the women’s ornaments are unique to this group.


The Kho Mu live on slash-and-burn cultivation, hunting, and gathering. Basketry is also a very developed skill among the members of this group.

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