The legend of firecrackers is a moving legend. It’s a favourite story of many young Vietnamese at leisure time. However, the government banned firecrackers years ago in fear of injury. In addition, with the popularity of the Internet, this legend is mainly told in the countryside.

Tet could not be celebrated properly without firecrackers. They sound off like machine guns at midnight before the New Year, blasting out the old and bringing in the new. That’s in the past.

For a long time, Vietnam (after China) banned firecrackers due to the explosion and fire danger that caused injuries to thousands of people, and many houses were burnt down.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - The Legend of Firecrackers

In ancient times, there were two wicked spirits who hated mankind and played many wicked tricks on the people. Their names were Na Ong and Na Ba, husband, and wife. Both of them feared light and noise, however, so they did all their nasty deeds at night.

At Tet when the good genii of that neighbourhood had to report to heaven, the two bad spirits were particularly bad and threw the people into a frenzy. The people learned that Na Ong and Na Ba were afraid of light and noise so they lighted their homes and exploded firecrackers to scare the bad genii away. They kept the noise and lights going strong until Tet was over and their good protectors could get back home from heaven, Then, the firecrackers and lights were no longer necessary.

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