Spreading of lime powder around the house is one of the most popular legends of Vietnamese people.

Each year at Tet, Vietnamese spread lime powder around their home and draw a bow and arrow in the lime powder in front of their door.

Legend tells us that after defeating all the feudal lords and pacifying Vietnam, the Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang had to face an even more terrible enemy. The plague was spreading through the country. The Emperor realized that there was nothing his army could do about this menace.

He asked for help from heaven and a genii appeared who ordered him to have lime spread around every home in the kingdom of Vietnam. The genii also prescribed that a bow and arrow be drawn in front of each threshold to drive off the evil spirits. People did this and the plague subsided. The custom was thereby established and has remained until this day.

Unfortunately, this practice of spreading of lime powder around the house is mainly in the countryside. Sadly, in cities, people don’t trust this as much as in the legend.

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