Tien Giang Province General Information

Tien Giang province, Southern Vietnam
Region: Mekong Delta
Capital: My Tho
Area: 2,510.61 km²
Population: 1,764,185 (2019 Census)
Density: 703/km²
Demographics: Vietnamese, Hoa, Khmer, and Tày
Calling code: 273
Website: tiengiang.gov.vn

Tien Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam.

Tien Giang Province Administrative Divisions

Tien Giang is subdivided into 11 district-level sub-divisions:

8 districts

Cai Bè
Cai Lay
Châu Thành
Cho Gao
Gò Công Dông
Gò Công Tây
Tân Phú Dông
Tân Phuoc

2 district-level towns

Cai Lậy (newly created in 2013)
Gò Công

1 provincial city

Mỹ Tho (capital)

They are further subdivided into seven commune-level towns (or townlets), 144 communes, and 22 wards.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Tien Giang Province, Southern Vietnam


The province’s name derives from Sino-Vietnamese, which means “the Front River”.


Located to the North of the Mekong Delta, along with the North of Tien River, Long An Province shares a border with Long An Province on the north, Dong Thap Province on the west, East Sea on the east, and Ben Tre Province on the south.

Tien and Vam Co Tay Rivers with Soi Rap, Tieu, Dai river mouths make a good condition to develop aquaculture. The terrain is divided into distinct three regions: fruit gardens along the bank of Tien River, plain and seaside.


The dry season lasts from December to April next year. The rainy season is between May and November. The annual average temperature is 27oC.

Tourism and Economy

Tien Giang has a rich aquatic supply including freshwater fish, brackish fish, and saltwater fish. Some of the special fruits are Trung Luong plum, Vinh Kim star-apple, Cai Be guava, sweet mango, rambutan, and thick-skinned orange. Many fruits, vegetables, and other products are anchored on lively Cai Be Floating Market and Tan Phong Island, along with Tien Giang River. Visitors also like to picking fruit, enjoy them and experience the life of the Mekong River Delta community in orchards of Thoi Son Island.

Located 120km from Mytho City, Dong Tam Snake Farm is an interesting place to see snakes, birds, and mutant turtles. Vinh Trang Pagoda owns many precious wood statues and beautiful trees in a large garden.


Mytho City is 70km from Vinh Long, 70km from Ho Chi Minh City, 103km from Can Tho City, 179km from Chau Doc, 182km from Rach Gia.


There are bus connections with Vinh Long, Chau Doc, Ca Mau, and other destinations in the Mekong Delta.


A high-speed boat leaves from Ho Chi Minh City daily to Mytho and Can Tho. There are also boat tours around Mytho.

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