Son La Province General Information

Son La province, Northern Vietnam
Region: Northwest
Capital: Son La
Area: 14,123.49 km²
Population: 1,248,415 (2019 Census)
Density: 88/km²
Demographics: Vietnamese, Thai, H’Mông, Muong, and Dao
Calling code: 212

Son La is a province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. It borders Laos to the south. The population includes Black and White Tai.

Son La Province Administrative Divisions

Sơn La is subdivided into 12 district-level sub-divisions and 204 commune-level sub-divisions.

11 districts

– Bac Yên
– Mai Son
– Moc Châu
– Muong La
– Phù Yên
– Quynh Nhai
– Sông Ma
– Sop Cop
– Thuan Châu
– Van Ho
– Yên Châu

1 provincial city

– Son La

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Son La Province, Northern Vietnam


The province’s name derives from Sino-Vietnamese.


Son La belongs to North-West Vietnam, shares a border with Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Lai Chau provinces on the north, Dien Bien Province on the west, Phu Tho and Hoa Binh provinces on the east, and Laos on the south.

The province has many mountains, rivers, and mineral sources. Abundant water supply is suitable for hydroelectricity. Moc Chau Plateau is an ideal place to breed milk cow, plant tea, and fruit. The annual average temperature is about 21oC. The weather is cold, dry in winter, and hot in summer.


Son La owns the following interesting sites. Son La Former Prison and Museum preserves revolutionary remains and exhibits precious objects introducing the historical and cultural traditions of the 12 ethnic groups living in Son La. Stretching out 150m long, Tham Tet Toong Cave is a wonder of nature. Along the walls of the cave, there are numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Ban Hin (Hin ethnic minority hamlet) is marked by the traditions and culture of the Thai. There, tourists enjoy drinking ruou can and watching xoe dance by Thai women. Then visitors like to go to Yen Chau Site to try special bananas, longans, and mangoes.

In the 2nd lunar month, when ban flowers begin to blossom, colouring the mountains in white, the Thai ethnic group held Hoa Ban Festival. Boys and girls go flower picking to celebrate the spring and entertain themselves by singing, playing tinh and khen flute, dancing xoe.


Son La connects Hoa Binh by National Highway No. 6, Yen Bai by Highway No.37, Lao Cai by Highway No.279. Son La is 328km from Hanoi. In Na San Airport, Vietnam Airlines has a daily flight from Hanoi to Son La.

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