General Information

Ninh Binh province, Northern Vietnam
Region: Red River Delta
Capital: Ninh Bình
Area: 1,383.7 km² (534.2 sq mi)
Population: About 600,000
Density: 420/km² (1,000/sq mi)
Demographics: Vietnamese, Muong
Calling code: 30

Ninh Bình is a province of Vietnam, in the Red River Delta region of the northern part of the country. Despite the small area, this province has many beauty spots. Therefore, it attracts a large number of tourists every year.


Ninh Binh has one city (Ninh Bình), one town (Tam Điep) and six districts:
– Gia Vien
– Hoa Lu
– Kim Son
– Nho Quan
– Yên Khánh
– Yên Mô


Ninh Bình is located to the south of the Northern Delta, between the Red and Ma rivers. It is bordered by Hòa Bình and Hà Nam to the north, Nam Đinh to the northeast, Thanh Hóa to the south and west.

Ninh Bình also has a very short coastline abutting the Gulf of Tonkin. The population is 898,500 people. the total area is 1,329.4 sq kilometres.


The ethnic groups include the Viet (also called Kinh group, the Vietnamese ethnic majority), as well as, Dao, Hoa, Hmong, Muờng, Nùng, Tày, Thai and others. There are 23 ethnic communities, among which the Kinh account for more than 98%.


Natural beauty sights

Tam Coc-Bích Đong
Cuc Phuong: primitive forest and ancient inhabited cave (Nho Quan)
Dich Long cave and Pagoda (Gia Thanh – Gia Vien)

Ecological sights

Cuc Phuong National Park
Van Long – the conserved wetland area (Gia Vien)

Historic sights

Bích Đong pagoda and cave
Bái Đính Temple
Ban Long Pagoda
Dinh and Le Temples
Hoa Lu ancient capital
Hoa Lu Citadel
Nhat Tu Pagoda
Phat Diem Cathedral (Phat Diem – Kim Son)

The old city of Ninh Bình is one of many famous historical sites in Vietnam.

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