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Khau Vai Love Market Dates

– 2020: Saturday, April 18th
– 2019: Tuesday, April 30th
– 2018: Friday, May 11th
– 2017: Saturday, April 22nd
– 2016: Monday, May 2nd
– 2015: Thursday, May 14th
– 2014: Friday, April 25th
– 2013: Sunday, May 5th
– 2012: Monday, April 16th
– 2011: Thursday, April 28th
– 2010: Sunday, May 9th
– 2009: Monday, April 20th
– 2008: Thursday, May 1st
– 2007: Saturday, May 12th

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Khau Vai Love Market Motorbike Tour. Visit Khau Vai Love Market With Offroad Vietnam Travel Company.

About Khau Vai Love Market

Khau Vai commune, located in Meo Vac district, the northernmost province of Ha Giang, is home to ethnic minority groups of Giay, Nung, and Muong. Each year, there is a market session on lunar March 26th (often falling on calendar May), but it is not a farming produce trading market but a love market. The name and activities of the market have common things with the love market in Sapa.

But what’s different is that Khau Vai is a love market for various ethnic minority groups from four mountainous districts in Dong Van Plateau and ethnic minority groups in communes adjacent to Bao Lam and Bao Loc districts of Cao Bang province.

Local senior people said that this love market dated back to 1919. Roads are now more accessible than the previous years, so more people come to the market. However, activities of the market are still rich in cultural identity.


In the market area, there are two temples called Ong and Ba (Mr and Mrs). A story tells that, once upon a time, there were a boy and a girl born in two different places of the Dong Van Plateau. The boy’s surname is Linh and the girl’s surname is Loc. They love each other very much despite being hindered by deep streams and high rocky mountains.

Because their families prevented their marriage, they together came to Khau Vai, a prosperous land with rich plants which they could live on.

Although they did not have a child they lived happily until they died. In honour of their merits in cultivating the wild land into a rich land, the local people built the two temples to worship them.

Therefore, on every lunar March 26th and 27th, Khau Vai attracts couples of different ages, including those who seek their partners for the first time. However, most of them are those who love each other very much but can’t get married because of many different reasons.

There is another local myth that tells the story of a young couple from different tribes who fell in love with each other. The girls belonged to the Giay group and the boy belonged to the Nung group. The girl was so beautiful that her tribe did not want to let her get married to a man from another tribe. Consequently, violent conflict arose between the two tribes.

One day, the boy witnessed an aggressive fight between the tribes as a result of their love. To stop the bloodshed, the lovers sorrowfully decided to say goodbye. However, they made plans to meet once a year on that day, lunar March 26th.

The Traditional Market

The place where they used to meet is Khau Vai. This place thereafter became a meeting location for all of those in love.

On the day when the market session takes place, it is likely that both the wife and her husband together go to the market. However, they look for their own partners to share emotions. If one of them has to stay at home, he or she is not jealous. In fact, dating at the marketplace is really a faithful feeling exchange.

It can be said that the beauty of love is a basic factor to keep the existence of the Khau Vai love market for such a long time. That used to make our Khau Vai Love Market Motorbike Tour very special.

The Present Market

With the assistance of the Ha Giang Culture and Information Department, Meo Vac district and Khau Vai commune authorities hold the traditional love market of Khau Vai in order to promote the cultural identity of ethnic minority groups in the locality.

The love market festival is held on lunar March 26th and 27th with the participation of a large number of locals. The festival features food and drinks culture, song performances, and also folk games. Ethnic costumes, jewellery, ethnic musical instruments, and culture and art publications are on display in the market, reflecting the activities of the local people.

We used to host a special Khau Vai Love Market Motorbike Tour every year. However, we now only offer a custom trip there due to the fact that the market is becoming very touristy. There are more Viet than the local hill tribes. Honestly, the new market is no more than a trade fair!

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