Motorcycle tours are probably the best way to see this fascinating country without a doubt. When you are on two wheels, you see, experience, smell, and live a real life. Therefore, more and more people are doing this now.

We take every detail seriously, considering like we are in your position. With us, you have a choice from the widest range of motorcycle holidays or vacations in Hanoi. This also means our prices work with a very wide budget range depending on the type of bike and tour you book. Our goal is to offer the best quality of services and show YOU a REAL VIETNAM. Below are three different motorbike tour packages we provide, all run by the professional staff and guides.

1. Fully Guided Motorcycle Adventures

This is best for riders who want to experience Vietnam without worrying about things on the road. You ride while we work!

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2. Semi-guided Motorbike Tours (Bikes & Guide)

If you want more flexibility and freedom then take this. Our guide will take care of routing, timing, bike repairs, and reservation. You just choose and pay what you want to spend.

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3. Self-guided Motorbike And Motor-scooter Vacation (Bike Rentals)

Manage everything on your own while riding is part of the fun for adventure-born riders. Rent our motorbikes and challenge yourselves. At least you have to be at the intermediate level, not novice riders or beginners.

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Vietnam Motorcycle Tours, Vietnam motorbike tours, adventures and rentals. All motorbike tours start from Hanoi. This photo was taken on the road to Ha Giang and Northeast Vietnam.

Our Team

Offroad Vietnam office is right in the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, the country’s capital city, in North Vietnam. Run and owned by two Vietnamese motorcycle enthusiasts since December 2006, founder Anh Wu has been working in responsible tourism for the past 20 years and co-owner Tony Nguyen who has been leading motorbike tours for over 10 years and knows every corner of Vietnam. Unlike other operators, both of us have an extensive understanding of our Honda bikes and work on the bikes ourselves. Office staff speaks very good English and is quick with email responses.

Our services were highly recommended in the Lonely Planet 2009 & 2012 edition as well as many international magazines, newspapers, travel books, etc. about motorcycling in Asia. Please click here for more information. Let’s roll, get it wild and ride snaking roads first hand!

Last but not least, we support local businesses and communities through guided and semi-guided motorcycle excursions by bringing groups to local finest restaurants, hotels, and homestays. This contributes directly your Dollars to aid poor families, eating delicacies and hotels to improve the life of local people in remote areas in which few tourism activities exist. Come and give a supporting hand together with us.

Why Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours?

Our services were highly recommended in the Lonely Planet 2009 & 2012 edition as well as many international magazines, newspapers, travel books, etc. about motorcycling in Asia. Please click here for more information. Let’s rev up & hit the road, get it wild, and ride snaking roads first hand!

Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours offers you a tour of a lifetime. No matter what your riding experience is, there’s always a solution to our riding lesson to help you confident with Vietnamese scary traffic.

Offroad Vietnam Motorcycle Tours is 100% Vietnamese owned, managed, and operated which means all your money stays in Vietnam. Our price options are flexible and work with different budgets, starting from at least 15$US/day. We believe in putting the money back into the Vietnamese community.

We are the first and original tour operator in North Vietnam running our own Japanese Honda high capacity bikes. If you want to experience a bike tour that you will never forget then this is the right place for you.

How We Ride

Vietnam is an exciting, interesting, dynamic, and colourful place that has no equal. Steeped in history, it is not only beautiful (with lush tropical forests and beautiful beaches to breathtaking mountain areas abundant in wildlife in the Central and North areas) but rich in ways that must be experienced to be appreciated.

For the first time, it is now possible to see this vibrant country on an amazing Motorcycle Group Tour with Road bikes, Dirt bikes, and Scooters.

We currently offer several tour packages of up to 6 bikes per guide with our own fleet of 110cc – 250cc from just one day to say, as long as you want to ride.

We are more than happy to discuss ‘Custom-Made’ tours for groups of 4 or more.

Veterans tours are most welcome.

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