This page provides details you need to know about Offroad Vietnam Adventures. Based on these details you can decide to lead you on Vietnam motorbike adventures.

The Owners

Offroad Vietnam®, clearly says what it does and has the true ring of adventure. So there’s no mistaking it for any other company, either. The two owners are Anh WU (full name Vu The Anh, speaks English) who has had over 20 years of experience working in tourism, and Tony NGUYEN who has been leading trips for over 10 years. Our company will remain 100% Vietnamese run and owned. When you travel with Offroad Vietnam®, you’re not just customers but also friends. Unlike overseas-based tourism companies, every dollar you spend on the trip stays in Vietnam. We don’t have fancy offices or pay high commissions. However, we believe in putting the money back into the Vietnamese community. If you need any reference, comments, and reviews about our motorcycle tours and rentals, please have a look here.

Offroad Vietnam® is a registered trade name number 93860 on December 25th, 2006 issued by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

The Motorcycles. Do You Want A Reliable Honda?

We are the first and the only touring company in Northern Vietnam offering Vietnam motorcycling on real road Honda GL Pro 160cc. Upgrade to Honda XR250 dirt bikes is also available at an additional cost. These bikes are between 1998 and 2005 models. They are of course much more reliable than the Russian or Chinese bikes many companies are still using. You can check why our customers liked them here. They not only offer you the power and smooth operation but also guarantee a trouble-free and safe trip with disc brake(s).

We own these bikes, maintain them ourselves, and don’t use rental bikes from any company. Rental bikes are ridden by riders of all skill levels and are usually older or lower in quality. This is a very big difference that many companies do not mention about the rental bikes they use.

The Guides

First and foremost, Offroad Vietnam® is backed up by a team of guides who have many years touring on motorcycles, are highly appreciated by our clients. These guys are well recognized by most of travellers on motorcycles to Vietnam.

Services We Offer

Below is a wide range of adventures, mainly off-road tours in Vietnam:
motorcycle tours;
4×4 tours;
train tours;
cruising and kayaking.

People do have different expectations, therefore some classic tours are available at:
classic group tours.

Budget travellers who want to travel on their own can also rent motorbikes, motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles from us here.

Festivals are a big part of life in Vietnam, we offer you the opportunity to take part in these parties here every year.

For the most extreme off-road touring, together we can design an itinerary like no other here.

To offer even more flexibility and extension to your tour, we connect tours with Sinhbalo Adventures who offer biking and cycling rides, Motorbike Thailand for enduro touring on modern road bikes, Dancing Roads for motocross adventures and James Barbush in Laos. With this special cooperation, you can book one long tour just through one click and leave the rest to us.

Our team has been offering motorbike tours for women since 2007. In fact, these tours are with slower riding and more stops so you can meet and talk with local people.

Always keep in mind that all our tours and/or proposals can be customized before and during the journey, taking into account road and weather conditions as well as your riding ability and changes in your expectations.

About Us - Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel who can take you anywhere you want to go.


The webmasters at Offroad Vietnam work around the clock to upload the latest information about travelling in Vietnam, tours with places still available. We own a really big database of over 150 tours and thousands of photos and video shot on the roads which enable us to design and send you a virtual tour shortly we receive your inquiry.

We have been trying to create one of the most interactive websites for touring Vietnam. You can read what experience and/or thoughts the most recent customers said about our tours and/or services. In fact, they are provided “as is” and we don’t alter anything at all.

A detailed FAQs page is the first thing you can check before sending an inquiry to save your time and ours.

Offroad Vietnam Offers Support

Offroad Vietnam provides a riding lesson for riders who want to flow with Vietnamese traffic for 30 USD per person. After one to two hours, most of our customers handle the crazy traffic well. The most important things are confidence and the passion to ride! This lesson is only available for guided tour clients.

For independent riders, we provide rental services at reasonable prices.

We also provide free broadband Internet access and photo burning on CDs or DVDs to our clients. All the photos will be backed up on our hard disk and you can get them back anytime if you lose your camera or your memory card is lost or damaged. If we ever use any of these photos, we will ask for permission and credit the owner.

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