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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Philip Callow's Email. Mr Philip Callow Recommended Offroad Vietnam To Lonely Planet Travel Guide (England).

Anh Wu,

I sent the below to Lonely Planet!



I would like to let you know that I have recently completed an excellent 7-day tour with Off Road Vietnam.

The guys who work here are top notch and very helpful and knowledgeable people. They also give back to the local community by improving living standards and income by funding home improvements so families can make receive an income from home-stays, as a result, the experience for the adventure traveller is second to none!! In the 7 days we only found ourselves in a busy tourist destination once (ha-long bay) whilst the rest of the time we were in untouched parts of Vietnam where we were clearly a very rare sight. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the guides helped this immensely and we were made to feel welcome in every town or village, in fact, I have never had so many people offer us drinks (rice wine, it’s hard to say no!).

This tour company would be a worthy addition to Lonely Planet and also offer great value for money and are great at tailoring your tour to do exactly what you want to do!

Philip Callow


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