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Hi there,

I’m currently in Vietnam for a month, and recently undertook a 5-day motorbike tour of the north of the country, including the hill town of Sapa. I know you already have several outfits listed in Hanoi offering such tours – Freewheelin Tours, Explore Indochina and Voyage Vietnam – but I want to recommend a newish company (1-2 years old) that I went with and greatly enjoyed.

Offroad Vietnam is located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, in the middle of the action. I found them only through the Internet, having investigated the other 3 companies. Those companies were either fully booked or not particularly responsive/impressive in my attempt to communicate with them. Offroad Vietnam’s management and staff, including riders, are all veterans of these and other companies and know their stuff.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Michael Slone's Email. Mr Michael Slone (United States of America) Recommended Offroad Vietnam To Lonely Planet Travel Guide

My initial email to Offroad Vietnam went to the Sales Manager, Mr. Anh Wu, who got right back to me (on a Sunday) and invited me in for a chat. That went well, and I soon decided to go for a tour. Little hassle involved – we (me, plus 2 Kiwis, plus our local guide) were off a few days later, as hoped for.

The tour was great in every way. Price very reasonable – great guide – comfortable lodging along the way – excellent food (I gained 2 kilos!) – and a final night’s homestay with a very cool Dzao (ethnic group) family. All 5 days were fun and sufficiently challenging without being too much.

I think that these sorts of tours are growing in popularity, and adding another to your list would be a good idea. The 2 Kiwis who were in our group also found Offroad Vietnam via the Web, after going through an investigating process quite similar to mine and being left hanging.

Offroad Vietnam is on the web – and has a very good website. If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Michael Slone

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