(Jens Peter Andersen reviews of 4 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~600 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Jens Peter Andersen's Reviews Of A Short Vietnam Motorbike Tour (Denmark)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

We were very pleased that our guide held a slow and relaxed speed at all times. We felt safe under his command and were able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. While riding, we had stops whenever we needed it (at least for cold water every hour)

Bikes and equipment

All was working well. I suggest that you make scarfs or even better “bandanas” with your logo (Offroad Vietnam) for costumers to buy. Most people would want one – also as a souvenir.


As we had requested, we came to experience the real Vietnam – including some genuine homestays. We got to meet the nicest Vietnamese people.


Very authentic (as we had requested) and very good (even the roasted grasshoppers we were offered to taste in Mai Chau, and the homemade rice wine in Wu Linh)

Guide and organization

Friendly and professional organization. Thanks for your help (at no charge) taking us out of Hanoi traffic the first day.

Our guide “Lee” was extremely friendly and professional. We had the feeling of being looked after 24/7. He was always helpful, honest, positive and professional. We could not have asked for a better person.

The price

We got the value for our money – we got exactly as we were promised. No surprises, no extra costs. Very satisfying.

How did you know about us?


Additional comments?

We believe that you should offer tours with a start and finish outside Hanoi – maybe close to the airport.

The Hanoi traffic might scare some costumers away. Outside Hanoi, the trip is safe, beautiful and easy. In the city, we felt a bit scared.

You could say that you take the bikes and equipment 50 kilometres outside Hanoi centre, and make start and finish point there, for a small extra charge. (we would properly ask for that if we come back for a second tour)

Mr. Jens Peter Andersen is willing to provide more details to Danish speaking customers. If you want more advice from Mr. Jens Peter Andersen just contact us.

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