Mr. Homer Brockner‘s Reviews Of A Short Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

(Mr. Homer Brockner reviews of Three days ride to Phu Yen & Vu Linh on Honda Baja 250cc, ~500 km)

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From: Homer Brockner
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Ahn Wu,

After completing a three-day ride around North Central Vietnam, I am counting the days until my return for a longer tour of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. My ride was very well organized with zero problems related to visa procurement, airport logistics, and hotel accommodations. The wonderful staff at Offroad Vietnam handled everything. My bike and guide were top quality and the beautiful scenery and friendly people made for a most memorable tour. Next time I will be sure to book a longer ride.

Thanks again and see you soon,

Homer Brockner
Columbia, LA.
June 2008

Alpha Mike-Foxtrot

Full name: Homer Brockner
Address: U.S.A.

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