Mr. Homer Brockner‘s Reviews Of A Short Vietnam Motorbike Tour

(Homer Brockner reviews of three days ride to Phu Yen & Vu Linh on Honda XR 250cc, ~500 km)

Anh Wu – need ice for cocktails next time! I will bring a small cooker with ice.

It is my opinion that 2nd visit/tour is even better and more enjoyable than the 1st. Everything I wanted to do was handled easily with zero problems.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Excellent pace/every request fulfilled. Mighty Quynh is a top-notch guide, interpreter, rider, body guard, and friend.


Excellent as always, from airport pickups to dirt trail navigation.


5 – star. Hospitality is tops because people of Vietnam are the friendliest people on earth.


6 – star.

The organization – Guide services

7 – star.

The price

8 – star.

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Full name: Homer Brockner
Address: U.S.A.

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