(The Haines reviews of 9 days on Honda GL 125-160 adventure, ~1,500 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - The Haines' Reviews Of North-West Vietnam Motorcycle Tour (New Zealand), Northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours reviews

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Hello Anh Wu

Just sending our ride comments.

All is back to normal over here, winter is setting in and plenty of work coming in.



Ride Report

This is our second trip with Offroad Vietnam which shows how happy we are with riding with this company. Our first ride was just my wife and me on the Big North Tour, this time our son joined us to complete the Northwest ride to Sapa and back. This was a family ride.

Once again we used the 160 Hondas, and once again these little bikes carried us all the way without any major problems.

We ask for Quynh to be our guide again because he was so much fun last time. Good news!! Quynh is now married and it was a pleasure seeing his wedding photos. Congratulations!!

Our trip was wonderful, the usual great food and verity of accommodation. Anh Wu had everything organized for us, the Hanoi traffic didn’t freak us out this time, the weather was mostly dry but misty in the mountains, all in all, lots of fun.

So, the big question is: When is the 3rd ride? Where will we go?

Randall, Liz and Rob.

Full name: Randall Haines.

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